Mediaserver seems to be draining a disproportionate amount of battery on my LG Nexus 4

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A few days ago, I noticed that the battery life on my Nexus 4 wasn’t nearly as good as I was expecting it to be, especially after dealing with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for a while. Initially, I chalked this up to a new device, which I hadn’t had time to configure, and might have a battery break in period. However, today I discovered another potential cause for the problem: the Mediaserver process.

In the screenshot above, you can see that Mediaserver used up a colossal 52% of my battery today, with the Android OS and Screen next in line. Now, 18 hours on battery may seem like a fairly good number, but with how much I actually used the device, it really isn’t . The Nexus 4 probably didn’t have the display on for more than an hour today, and was only used to send a few texts and check my email a few times. Most of the day, it sat idle in my backpack. It was used to play music through a car stereo for about 15 minutes, but that shouldn’t have resulted in such massive drain.

In reading on various forums, I’ve found that disabling Google Music sync is an oft suggested solution for the Mediaserver drain. That isn’t a very good option for me, though, as I use Google Music as my main source of media. Nevertheless, I suppose I’ll try disabling music sync after saving some songs to the device, and see if that helps at all. Even if it does, disabling features is hardly a solution for battery life woes, so hopefully Google can patch up whatever issue is causing this battery drain quickly.

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Aaron Orquia

Aaron Orquia is an associate editor at Pocketables. He has been using Android and Linux since he bought his first computer years ago, and his interest in technology, software, and tweaking both to work just right has only grown stronger since then. His current gadgets include a OnePlus One, a Pebble smartwatch, and an Acer C720 Chromebook.

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8 thoughts on “Mediaserver seems to be draining a disproportionate amount of battery on my LG Nexus 4

  • Avatar of Justin

    Are you Rooted?

    Do you have “BetterBatteryStats” installed? If not, get it here:

    If it helps you make sure to buy it on Google Play.

    It works better with root, but it is not required.

    Use the XDA forum to discover why the battery is being drained. Sometime might be misconfigured need to have data cleared to reset itself.

    Don’t always trust what the default battery stats screen shows, it can be screwy from time to time.

    Good luck figuring out what the drain is being caused by. I don’t know if it’s something that needs “patching” since it isn’t setting the internet on fire, probably just needs to be reset or something fairly easy.

    • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

      I’ll have to try this if the problem persists after switching to a custom ROM, but I’ll go ahead and check the battery monitor now.

  • Try Rescan Media in the Play Store

  • Avatar of Leighton

    I’ve had my Nexus 4 for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been rather impressed with the battery life compared to my Galaxy S3.

    I’m not sure about Google Music being the source of the excessive battery drain. I stream using Google Music daily and the Mediaserver app doesn’t use much battery at all. Mediaserver tends to take up only 5-10% of my battery on average.

  • Avatar of Greg L

    In my experience, Google Music still works fine with sync off, even with cloud music. You just need to sync it to get access to new music added to your library.

    I had Media sync battery issues on my EVO LTE for a week and tracked it down to a large movie file that I had moved to my device for a trip. It was a handbrake rip of a dvd, about 30 min in length. Once I removed that file, battery life went back to normal. I read in a few places that large media files can cause this problem.

    • Yes, +1 from me. Disabling Google Music sync won’t really affect your Google Music experience one bit, other than give you better battery life. Same with Google Currents background sync.

      • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

        Well, lately I’ve been adding a lot of music to my library, but I suppose I can always manually refresh the list.

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    Media server show up when I play music from the SD card. Usually over Bluetooth, sometimes out the speaker.
    But at the top of my use list is phone idle, and cell standby.
    Why? Location and signal strength? I am on airplane mode 7 hours of the day at work.


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