No, the HTC Titan III doesn’t exist

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Over the weekend, Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Rewards program posted the latest monthly survey. These don’t normally make the news, but many people were surprised to see a device named the “HTC Titan III” show up in a list of smartphones you might like to receive as a gift. Tech blogs immediately began reporting on the existence of the Titan III Windows Phone, but Xbox LIVE Rewards’ correction seems to have gone unnoticed. “Hey – that was actually a typo,” Xbox LIVE Rewards confirmed on Twitter. “Sorry about that! We’ve since fixed it.”

Of course, anyone who was actually paying attention could have easily deduced this. The survey question asked respondents “How excited would you be to receive each of the following smartphones as a holiday gift?” Even if the HTC Titan III did exist, there’s no way that the device could be out in time for it to be a “holiday gift.” More importantly, HTC changed its Windows Phone branding a few months ago, shifting from a variety of device names like Titan, Surround, Arrive, or HD7 to the prestigious Windows Phone 8X by HTC branding. In many ways, HTC has managed to out-Windows Phone Nokia. Taking on the OS name for its own line of devices was a smart move on HTC’s part, and the company would be foolish to return to something like “Titan III.”

While the Titan III/Zenith has been rumored to exist for some time, it’s highly unlikely that it would actually come out under that name. It’s crazy how a typo can result in so much erroneous reporting.

[Xbox LIVE Rewards on Twitter]
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