Samsung takes advantage of Apple’s iOS Maps mess-up in Australia

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Apple’s new iOS Maps application has been a rather unsuccessful product from Apple, let alone from any technology company these days. A lot of roads and buildings are either hideously rendered or misplaced, while some directions are incorrect altogether. The latter is exactly what’s been happening to Australian users of iOS Maps – and Samsung has taken the opportunity to lambast Apple’s mistake.

Downtown Sydney today is the home of Samsung’s latest Apple attack. The picture above shows exactly how Samsung is targeting Apple’s Maps kerfuffle. Since it was Apple’s driving directions that caused users to get lost, Samsung drove a muddied SUV to the selected attack spot, threw out a few camping accessories, and put up a sign that reads, “Oops, should have gotten a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust.”

It’s certainly a funny attack campaign, though today it was reported that Google Maps may have been suffering from some issues in Australia, too. The attack is also already out of date, as Apple has since patched the discrepancy.

At the end of the day, no technology is perfect, and the world’s technology companies will continue to bicker back and forth.

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5 thoughts on “Samsung takes advantage of Apple’s iOS Maps mess-up in Australia

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    I have been misplaced by Google a few times.
    It really sucks because, now what do I do?
    I have had to resort to stopping, and asking for directions.
    Head hangs in shame.

    • Avatar of Randy S

      But at least there was someone to ask for directions… Google didn’t strand you in deserted wilderness.

      The extent of the mistakes Google has made for me typically involves the building being on the other side of the street. So when it says “destination is on the left,” I just assume that means right, now.

      • Avatar of JRDemaskus

        Yes, I am thankful for not getting stranded in the wilderness, like I am sure other Google users have.
        Hopefully, these issues will get resolved before someone dies.

    • Avatar of copeys

      It is not so much being “misplaced” it is more Apple Maps leading people into the bush, so far that they literally can’t return. You can’t ask for directions when the closest civilisation is hundreds of k’s away.

      Australia is a big place, and I ALWAYS carry 5L of water on me wherever I go. I can drive for an hour and not see any sign of civilisation apart from the road I am on. And that is living on the eastern seaboard, where most of Australia’s population is.

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    Yes, I understand that.
    I was just trying to say that Google has its problems too. Not just Apple, Nokia, Tom Tom, Garmin…whatever your choice of GPS is.
    I guess the key is to be prepared for the worst, whether you are traveling in suburbia or a sparsely populated area.
    Sorry for trying to lighten such a serious problem with some humor.
    Won’t do that again.


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