Ubersonic RC1 ROM available for an inactive HTC EVO 4G

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Some of you have moved on from your original HTC EVO 4G, and there’s no shame in that. But you may still have your old phone laying around collecting dust, when you know there’s something that it could be doing right now. Ubersonic RC1 is made for these inactive EVOs, stripping out all the phone parts and turning your former heavyweight champ of a phone into a dedicated portable media device.

The ROM features Awesome BEATS v3.3 for sound enhancements, the Walkman app from the Xperia S, and Google Now. RC2 will be released and re-based on Deck’s ICS fairly soon, according to the developer, and it will also contain updated versions of everything.

It’s an interesting idea, and something that definitely is a way to keep your EVO in service well after the transition to another phone, but I do question how much bloat the phone processes takes up and why the removal of that is considered a good thing. Personally, I kind of dig knowing that on any of my four inactive phones, I can plug them in and dial 911 emergency services even though they’re inactive. (I guess if you have kids or people you’re keeping locked up in your basement, you might want the ability to disable that.)

It’s definitely something pretty cool to do with and old EVO, but as a ROM, it’s an interesting absence of things rather than a lot of neat additions. It’s probably great for keeping kids entertained on a car trip or bringing the party with you.

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