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More things we’ve learned in 24 hours of Jelly Bean on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

2012 12 14 12.08.21 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe new Jelly Bean update to the HTC EVO 4G started rolling out to anyone who checked for it yesterday, and in that time we’ve heard about a lot of bugs, and found a lot of features. In addition to what we’ve already mentioned here, I’ve put together another list of what I’ve had happen to me, and what I have read about.

  • Beats Audio says it’s not available on the speaker. It never was before, but now it tells you.
  • Beats bass is significantly boosted on headsets – so much so that it’s distorted on my headsets.
  • Camera focus and shutter sounds cannot be disabled, even on silent.
  • Changing background light colors forces a re-focus of the camera.
  • Long-pressing home, then speaking the word “Google,” will bring up Google Now voice search.
  • Google Now comes installed and functioning, although you will need to choose to participate in it before it will function correctly.
  • Swype voice-to-text missing? Swype beta has it.
  • Proximity sensor issues are causing the screen to be black and stay black until you press the power button. This is happening only on some EVOs (mine included).
  • SMS is being reported as lagging.
  • There are folder issues in which half of a folder cannot be touched.
  • There are WiFi issues created on certain WiFi access points; the fix is to turn off DLNA.
  • Quadrant scores are in excess of 6400.
  • The battery seems to be slightly better.
  • The dialer lag problem seems to have been fixed, although the lag issues did not appear until days into running any other ROM, so we’ll see.
  • The power saver check button is persistently stuck in status bar.
  • An application monitor was added to Power menu and claims to notify you when apps consume extra battery power.
  • Fast boot is disabled by default.
  • HTC Media Link HD has a video in the options now that shows you what you can do by giving your phone the three-finger salute.
  • Sense doesn’t allow you to use “menu” to open settings.
  • More developer options?
  • The phone now mounts as HTC Sync installer by default.
  • There is an option to encrypt the storage card.
  • There are options on where to place data from Bluetooth, camera, voice recorder, and messages.
  • Offline Google voice typing.
  • More granular setting for flashing the LED for notifications.
  • New HBOOT and radios (of course).
  • The new radio seems to fix some LTE signal issues.
  • The Rosie carousel is back.
  • HTC Connections Optimizer appears during setup, but does not appear to be visible anywhere else.
  • Sprint tethering claims to work, but 3G data will kick on and off over and over again. I’m uncertain if this is because I don’t have a tethering plan, or it’s busted.

That’s what I’ve found in a day of using a stock (but rooted) Jelly Bean EVO 4G LTE, but feel free to drop us a line with what you’ve found.

So far, I’m finding it a marvelously buggy update with issues that should have been stomped out before it was released, and are being stomped out in the root sector. It’s significantly better than ICS was on the EVO 4G LTE, however.

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