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3.16.651.3 HTC EVO 4G LTE radios, firmware, PRI available as separate flashable items

android jellybean - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereCaptain Throwback has put together some flashable zips for S-OFF HTC EVO 4G LTE owners that allow you to update everything to the new firmware, or just the radio, PRI, or boot image. Update: Links are not up for individual items, just one link for the PRI/radio firmware.

This is the day many of you who are rooted but S-ON may have dreaded, when you have your phone set up just like you want it and now you want to update radios and PRI for (hopefully) improved results with the network. For S-ON, go here. You’ll need to modify a couple of the steps but the basic principle is the same.

The radios and PRI should be safe to flash with any custom ROM, although you may want to check with your developers first to see if there are any known issues. I wouldn’t flash the full firmware or boot.img, unless you want to wipe out everything on your phone.

Also worth noting for is that the radios at the top are the newest. The ones below with remarkably similar looking version numbers are older. Flash at your own risk, and let us know if you notice the new radios or PRI doing anything useful.

For those wanting a ROM incorporating the new OTA bits, just give it a day and you’ll probably have it. I’ll actually be surprised if, by the time publish this, someone doesn’t have a stock rooted odexed/deodexed ROM available somewhere. Feel free to post links to anything incorporating the new OTA in the comments section.


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