ChargeCard shipping shortly for MicroUSB, Lightning, and 30-pin dock connector

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ChargeCard, which we covered when it was on Kickstarter back in July, is in production and will be shipping in three weeks. I just ran into the entire team of five in a Chipotle in Las Vegas during CES, and got a hands-on with the product.

The ChargeCard is about credit-card sized – slightly thicker than an average credit card, but not by much – and fits easily in your wallet. For those times when you’re out and about and need to juice up your phone, the ChargeCard offers a portable, if not a perfect, charging solution.

The ChargeCard is made in California, feels very durable, and offers about the same functionality as hauling a foot-long USB cable around.

According to the team, the Kickstarter project started in July with a goal to raise $50,000, and the project exceeded that goal by about 300%.

The iPhone 4 model is in production now, the microUSB version will be in production in February of 2013, and the iPhone 5 Lightning connector will be available in April.

You can order your ChargeCard online  and save 25% by entering the code CES2013, although the page doesn’t seem to indicate you can order yet (you can, however, reserve the microUSB and iPhone 4 versions at $25).

It’s an amazing little product that you can carry with you without thinking much about it, and it can come in handy in a pinch if you need power and have access to a USB but are not packing your cable sets. They claim it’s like carrying a jumper cable for your phone, and I wouldn’t deny that.

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4 thoughts on “ChargeCard shipping shortly for MicroUSB, Lightning, and 30-pin dock connector

  • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

    Wow, these people really missed on the estimated delivery date. I agree with comments on their kickstarter page, something this simple shouldn’t be off by several months. The Pebble is one thing, but a flat cable? This is why I dont back anything on Kickstarter

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    Everything Iphone :-(, how bout some android love over here!


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