It appears S-OFF for HTC EVO 4G LTE HBOOT 2.09.0000 may be near

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A member of Team Unlimited, the folks who brought us the LazyPanda and DirtyRacun S-OFF exploits for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, posted a picture of an S-OFF 2.09.2222 HBOOT on Friday (a modified HBOOT that HTC has not released).

There has been no announcement as to when we can expect anything, but there is a lot of speculation that S-OFF for the latest HBOOT is around the corner.

The hope is that the lack of announcement pertains to the developers testing out this new method and coding their new DirtyRacun (or next random animal with a natural mask), to make it foolproof. A new method would benefit those who recently took the very buggy HTC/Sprint Jelly Bean update, allowing them to flash kernels without using the workaround methods currently in place. It would also allow for updating radios when new ones come out, without jumping through the series of hoops you have to jump through in order to update a radio while S-ON.

Once again, this is an exciting time in development, as the phone looks to be close to being completely open and free once again, at least until Sprint and HTC decide to push another HBOOT update in an effort to control third-party development.

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7 thoughts on “It appears S-OFF for HTC EVO 4G LTE HBOOT 2.09.0000 may be near

  • happy new year to everyone on the new hboot!! im already s-off from the panda but just wanted to say im happy for everyone!! s-off is a beautiful thing :) show team unlimited some love!! they are beasts

  • Avatar of Kisakuku

    You forgot the main reason to S-OFF — splash screens!

  • Avatar of Samson

    Waiting for them to release s off for h boot 2.09 is literally the only reason I haven’t rooted yet. The buggy jb update has finally convinced me to root…cm 10 here I come!

  • Avatar of some guy

    It would be nice to get a root solution as easy to use as UnrEvoked was. The current methods are all so cumbersome and a concise ‘layman’s’ guide is a fantasy.

    • hell yea unrEvoked was alot easier then todays root tools

  • Avatar of Dwayne M

    Agreed! I just thought it was the age of the Evo when I first rooted..about a year in, so they developed easier methods but perhaps that’s not the case.

  • Avatar of overclock

    The problem is that phone companies have been making their devices more secure. The exploits used now ain’t your grandmother’s exploits.

    At least you HTC Sprint guys get devs that can hack an HBoot. I have a Razr Maxx on Verizon. We barely get root. No bootloader breaking for us. I miss my Evo but I love me some V 4G.


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