S-OFF achieved for HBOOT 2.09 on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

raccoon - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereTeam Unlimited posted a new version of the DirtyRacun HTC EVO 4G LTE S-OFF exploit that works with the new HBOOT 2.09, which came with the latest Jelly Bean OTA.

S-OFF allows users to flash new and updated radios without jumping through a bunch of hoops, and also allows for direct kernel flashing without requiring a specially coded S-ON kernel installer. The former is not as much of a big deal as the latter, but it’s nice to not have to stock, lock, RUU, update, unlock, flash recovery, and restore nandroid if you want to update your radios.

The newest exploit appears to have been packaged last week on Tuesday, January the 8, based on file dates within the newest RabiesShot archive.

The newest exploit still requires you to use the 32-bit version of either Windows or Linux, although some have reported success with the 64-bit versions. However, it’s been made very clear in the development thread at XDA that they do not support the 64-bit versions of these products, and do not want to hear about them working, as they fully expect there to be some compatibility issues which will brick your phone.

For users who are running the 64-bit versions, you can download a 32-bit Linux Live-CD. A Live-CD is a boot disk from which you run an OS.It never writes anything to your hard drive’s boot partition, so you can run Linux or Windows 32 from a CD, do your business with the Racun, take the CD out, reboot, and you’re back into your normal Windows or Linux.

It’s still not a one-click method, and I doubt with HTC actively working to build hurdles for developers that it ever will be. But it’s S-OFF, and once achieved, it’s there until you choose to remove it.

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