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Three weeks of official Jelly Bean bugs on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

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It’s been around three weeks since Jelly Bean was released on the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and the number of bugs keep stacking up while the people who say that they experience none of them have grown fewer and fewer.

While not all of the bugs that came with the update were the direct fault of Sprint or HTC, and their collective desire to make an unrooted phone as incapable of doing anything neat as possible, most of the issues have been Sprint’s.

So, here’s my current list of what we’ve found wrong with Jelly Bean for the HTC EVO 4G LTE:

  • Google Navigation fails for random accounts.
  • Camera sounds cannot be disabled.*
  • Writes to /system don’t stick.*
  • Proximity sensor issues for approx 30% of users.*
  • WiFi issues with DLNA enabled in some circumstances.*
  • Extremely slow WiFi in some instances.
  • Power Saver options won’t go away.*
  • When leaving or entering WiFi, voice typing fails.
  • Occasionally, WiFi will still show as connected, even when miles away, essentially disabling data.
  • Incorrect SMS/MMS timestamp when roaming.*
  • Off center numbers on calculator.*
  • Dropbox gallery FCs.*
  • Night mode is back.*
  • Extremely low quality MMS messages.*
  • Over-zealous task killer cripples multitasking.*
  • Task killer kills widgets, launcher, forces reloads.*
  • Possible introduction of new CIQ-like logger apps.*
  • MHL-HDMI issues.
  • Audio-out doesn’t recognize some adapters.*
  • Update killed FoxFi WiFi tether.*
  • No longer able to set font size in Gmail.
  • Contact high resolution images not syncing properly.
  • HTC Hub app missing.
  • Make More Space app only shows internal space.
  • Face Unlock/recognition extremely slow.
  • Music recognition in Google Now crashes.
  • Connection optimizer kills WiFi tethering based on power states.
  • No ability to make a custom launcher stick as the default through a reboot.
  • Swype has no Mic button.
  • Large power drain jumps reported (batteries dead when reporting 20%).
  • Power saver can stick on, which disables haptic feedback.
  • Location services will occasionally stick to a different town.
  • 4×1 People widget gone.
  • Flashlight app missing.
  • Text message delays in sending.
  • Phone numbers from web/calendar do not dial.
  • Battery life worse for some, better for others.
Entries with an astrix next to them have been fixed, or at least are reported as so in various custom ROMs.

That’s what I’ve seen andfound, and has been reported here so far. There are rumors coming up from the stores than an update is coming soon to fix many of the bugs, but as far as I know, there’s no official timeframe on that, and that leaves many non-root users out for weeks with buggy equipment.

I’d say for those who haven’t, that’s yet another reason to root.

What bugs have you found that aren’t listed here, and how will this affect your choice the next time you see that a system update is available?

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