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3.16.651.3 HTC EVO 4G LTE JB update breaks a lot of root things

roottools - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe new patch to fix some of the bugs with the last round of Android Jelly Bean was released yesterday for the HTC EVO 4G LTE. I probably should have screamed that people should wait and also to never trust an OTA, but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

I personally haven’t taken the OTA, but I did flash the radios without the touch screen drivers. So take anything from here down as third-party information and don’t hesitate to let me know if an issue has been resolved, is incorrect, etc.

The new update, if taken, breaks the touch screen in recovery, leaving recoveries working but unable to accept any input. Captain Throwback’s radios and image removed the new touch screen driver, so those flashing it do not need to worry about that. I’ve also seen reports of TWRP failing; ClockworkMod seems fine, but then again CWM is not used as much in the EVO world. There are also reports of the volume buttons not working while in recovery, which would mean you can’t select anything.

Those using Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper who accepted the OTA also may have noticed they’re now unrooted. I can only find a couple of complaints about this, so your mileage may vary.

Even though the HBOOT is the same, some are reporting that DirtyRacun now is throwing up errors when attempting S-OFF. This probably has more to do with DR checking for a version number on the baseband than it does with active anti-hacking measures, but the ability to achieve S-OFF may be gone for the moment. I don’t know exactly how the exploits in the ‘Racun are done, so it’s possible some of the old methods were patched in a module other than HBOOT.

You cannot downgrade to the 3.15.651.16 firmwares via RUU to replace the busted touchscreen driver.

We also have one report of a dead phone following an update, but only one, so put that in the fluke category for the moment.

So embraced developer/root community, you can’t downgrade via RUU, can’t S-OFF via ‘Racun, touched-based recoveries are reportedly broken due to the new touch screen driver (at least TWRP), and your root was removed if you used Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper.

Here’s the thing – if it were one of these things, I’d pass it off as “well, sometimes things break.” This update took out held root via Rootkeeper, and it took out recovery by changing a touch screen driver. I’ll save my whinnying about it taking out the new S-OFF method until I hear some more.

If you can’t touch the screen in recovery, you can’t install the SuperUser/SuperSU binaries to achieve root. You also can’t install a custom ROM via recovery in the normal fashion. If the volume up and down buttons are no longer working in recovery mode, this means you can’t select something to flash from a text-based recovery.

If you’re not S-OFF, you can’t flash an unsigned PG75IMG to fix the touchscreen driver issue.

I’m hoping this is all a big series of unrelated events, but it sort of looks like a straight up attack on the root crowd under the guise of a touch screen driver issue. Shake up the ants; see what they do. Hopefully I’m wrong, and hopefully some of the reports are as well. But the short of it right now is do not flash the OTA if you want to root without pain.

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20 thoughts on “3.16.651.3 HTC EVO 4G LTE JB update breaks a lot of root things

  • Avatar of Jmagnt7

    Rooted, S-off, and happily waiting for Mean Bean to sort out the useful from the damaging then tweak what’s left and send out another timely OTA update of his own. :-)
    Paul, you thought me over a year ago to never jump into the deep end before first seeing if there was plenty of water first ;-). But seriously I hope all these bugs aren’t by design.. Htc rooted crowed surely doesn’t need anymore reasons to be upset right now.

    Btw.. Any word on how well its helped stock non rooted evo’s?

    • Avatar of Jmagnt7

      Geez.. Auto correct and spell check is a whole other issue.. (of mine) lol.
      Taught *

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Yeah. I mean it should be common knowledge not to accept an OTA if you don’t want to ruin your chances for rooting, and ESPECIALLY, if you already are rooted.

    I generally wait for the ROM cookers to sort things out and integrate what’s good and mete out what’s bad. A good tact to follow.

  • Avatar of chrislvb

    I also avoided the OTA and just downloaded Captain_Throwback’s firmware and radios. I am waiting for MikeyXDA to update MeanBean to 3.0. Ever since the OG Evo days, I have avoided OTA updates on my phone. They have always been bad news for rooted phones. I hope those that didn’t wait can find a fix for the problems caused. I know the Dev’s will be working on it feverishly. Tha’s what makes them so great.

  • Just rooted my EVO 4G LTE yesterday – after waiting and wondering if I should or not. Not EVEN going to take an OTA. Things are working fine. I can WiFi for free now – and that’s what I wanted.

    I’m just going to leave things alone…..

  • Avatar of Scruff24

    ok, so I have MeanBean. I don’t believe I ever locked my loader back up. (Just so I have it correct…that is S-OFF right?) What would be the point of S-ON? Just curious…. Sort of an intermediate Rooter. (did my evo 4g and kindle fire) and now this 4g LTE. Didn’t take the update (it never prompted me of anything). Mean Bean rocks btw.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      S-OFF is one thing
      Unlocked is another
      rooted is another

      S-OFF means you either did lazypanda or something that gave you S-OFF. those exploits probably required you to have root and an unlocked bootloader. You would have gotten the tool at most likely.

      Unlocked bootloader allows you to flash a custom recovery. That custom recovery allows you to flash root tools, roms, etc.

      Without S-OFF, you cannot flash radios (which this update included) – you also have to jump through some hoops to flash a kernel, or you have to get an S-ON friendly kernel installer.

      You can be unlocked, rooted, and S-ON – this is what most root users are
      You can be S-OFF, locked and rooted (in theory) as S-OFF supersedes a locked bootloader last I checked

      S-OFF just allows you to flash unsigned code to partitions that normally are read-only.

      • Avatar of Miguel Diaz

        Yes you are right. I am currently S-off, locked (not relocked), and rooted. The nice thing about having my bootloader locked is that my htc watch app works flawlessly and so does play movies & tv, which i know a lot of rooted users have problems with.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      Also, you’ll never see an update for a sprint/htc-pushed OTA in any of the meanrom products.

    • Avatar of Paul E King

      oh good!

  • I’m S-off locked and rooted and can confirm that S-off superseded a locked bootloader but dont ask me how i got there cuz it was kinda something that just happened twice lol…on the EvoLTE and Evo3wD i own

  • Avatar of Anthony

    The update Broke my google Wallet App, I Have done a factory restore from recovery but no go…HELP!

  • Avatar of Edward

    I am s-on with an unlocked bootloader. I want to s-off with DirtyRacun, but am not sure if I have to relock first or after I run the exploit. Can someone help me with the steps?

  • Avatar of Edward

    Step 6 & 7 mentions relocking, then running an RUU. So is that necessary even though I already am on stock 3.16.651.16?

  • Avatar of polar2792

    To Edward according to Ladyx of dirty racun if u are on 3.16 you can’t s off as of now.

  • Avatar of Geeky Mami

    This update “forced” me to s-off. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I used Dirty Racun and I had a few moments where I was sweating bullets, but all is well. I am now s-off and running MeanBean 3.0!

  • Just curious, does anyone know if these problems have been resolved? My girlfriend picked up an EVO LTE last night that happens to be on 3.16.651.1, and I went through the process having completely forgotten about the issues. As I should’ve recalled, the touch screen doesn’t work in TWRP, so I can’t do anything… her phone still works fine, but obviously she wants the benefits of being rooted, so I’d like to get her there.

    I saw some writeups on the xda with processes saying it works fine on the 3.16.651.3 update, but the process is exactly what I did, so I’m at a loss.

    Thanks for any info anybody may have!

    • Nevermind, I solved my own problems. TWRP resolves the touchscreen issues, and once you have touch in recovery you’re all good. :)


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