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Accessory review: Wrapster headphone cord organizer and smartphone stand

The Wrapster is a two-in-one product in that it first keeps your earbuds from being a crumpled and tangled mess in your pocket, and secondly for cell phones that are thin enough it also serves as a base-stand which enables you to prop and watch videos without having to hold your phone the entire time.

While the Wrapster is geared toward the iPhone as it’s mentioned multiple times on the package, I found that my wife’s HTC EVO 3D worked just fine in it, which helps a little bit with that whole EVO without a kickstand thing, but also serves surprisingly well to steady the camera if you’re taking direct-on shots of something close.

As long as your headphones have enough lead in each of the headphones, you don’t have to take the Wrapster off if you’re wearing the headphones, and in some cases you may be able to use the Wrapster as sort of a chip-clip to keep the wires attached to you and not flopping around while you’re moving.

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Several of the higher-end earbuds I’ve seen come with carrying pouches that attempt to solve those tangles mess issues that everyone experiences, but inevitably they fail because the cords are going to move from the nice position you packed them in to something that looks like a spaghetti monster. However, the Wrapster has that almost perfectly solved.

The one issue I have with the Wrapster is that, although the cords are stored – and stored pretty well – too much movement will cause the base end of the cord to start wandering around. It’s almost a perfect cord management solution, except when you pull it out of your pocket or go fishing for other items near it.

This is not that big of a deal, and should you want to throw a small rubber band in the mix, you’ve got that part licked, although you suddenly introduce something that will catch everything in your pocket as it’s pulling out. Perhaps putting a little notch in would do the trick.

The material the Wrapster is made of seems destructible. I have a feeling if I let a dog at it or it went against my keys for long enough that it would break down, however I think that the earbuds would probably have been worked to shreds quite a bit before the Wrapster managed to wear down.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, but very useful gift for an earbud-wearing friend, I don’t think you can go wrong at this price point.

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The Wrapster is distributed by Quirky and is available at several online establishments including Amazon, I found mine in the bargain section of Target for $3.00. Amazon lists that there are five color choices (white, black, charcoal, blue, purple,) although I thought I saw a sixth color (yellow) Wrapster at Target.

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