AutoRemote for Android hits version 2.0

It’s safe to say that AutoRemote is one of the most powerful Tasker plugins out there. The plugin enables various devices- Android and otherwise- to communicate with one another, and that opens up for a lot of different automation creations. It’s even possible to get iOS to send commands to an Android device this way, which is a feature I’ve grown particularly fond of lately as I’m using my iPad mini more and more.

AutoRemote just hit version 2.0, and that brings with it more awesome features to add to the ever-growing features list. The big feature is notification support, allowing you to use the system to send notifications that you can customize to your heart’s content, assuming you’re on a recent version of Android. You can do custom icons, big images, long texts, custom buttons, led colors, and custom vibrations.

On top of that, Linux is now on the list of supported platforms, further increasing AutoRemote’s reach beyond Android. There’s also a new Share for Later, which lets you share something through AutoRemote and access it when you get back to the target device. The update also brings several other features, a full list of which can be seen here. The video above is the dev’s own video overview of AutoRemote 2.0, and shows the new features in action.

AutoRemote has been a must-have Tasker plugin more or less since it was released, and every update just makes it that much more useful. Even though it’s a Tasker plugin at heart, it’s gaining features much faster than Tasker itself now, and is starting to become to Tasker what Tasker is to Android; a way to make it much more useful. It brings your devices together, and helps bring down the walls between OSes. Now, if only there would be an AutoRemote app for jailbroken iOS devices, it would get even easier to use both Android and iOS together.

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    I wasn’t aware of these features in the new update … thanks!


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