Chromium document all but confirms the existence of the Chromebook Pixel

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In case we need any more proof of the existence of the Chromebook Pixel (you know, if the videothe new chrome Android statue at Google, and the inclusion of a new device in Chrome’s source code weren’t enough), then check this out: Google+ superstar François Beaufort has discovered this little tidbit in a Chromium OS document from September:

At Startup or wake from sleep, Google colors cycle in.

While running, > 25% power level in the battery:
All blue, in a breathing effect (cycle up and down 30%).

While running, <= 25% power level in battery:
Same as above, but with red

Shutting down, or going into sleep:
Cycle out the Google colors (Note: the effect is only visible for S0->S3,
because shutting down kills power to the lightbar before we can react).

While sleeping:
Similar to now, but only using Blue and red for battery indication as above.

The EC doesn’t have access to the ALS, so we use the keyboard backlight to
control the lightbar brightness instead:

If keyboard backlight is OFF (which it is when ambient is bright), use max
brightness for lightbar.

If keyboard backlight is ON, use keyboard backlight brightness.

By itself, this isn’t so significant. But when you consider that this describes a process that no current Chrome OS devices do – a process that actually does appear for several seconds in that leaked video from last week – then things get interesting. Indeed, this process starts at about 1:16 in the video, in case you want to confirm for yourself.

While this is far from a smoking gun, this is just another item we can add to a growing pile of evidence that the Chromebook Pixel is real and on its way very soon – perhaps it will finally be unveiled at Google I/O?

[Chromium via Google+]
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One thought on “Chromium document all but confirms the existence of the Chromebook Pixel

  • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

    Well, now there’s no way I can buy a Chromebook for the next few weeks. Google I/O can’t come soon enough, especially since I need a replacement Nexus 7 as well.


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