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Clearwire wants its shareholders to choose Sprint over Dish

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In a proxy filing earlier today with the SEC, Clearwire urged its shareholders to choose Sprint over Dish Network, even though Dish previously outbid the nation’s third largest wireless carrier last month. If you recall, Sprint is planning on purchasing the remaining portion of Clearwire that it doesn’t already own, for the price of $2.1 billion.

At the same time, Clearwire also said in a separate announcement that it will continues to evaluate Dish’s offer, and will “engage in discussions” with both companies “as appropriate.”

Sprint, however, seems pretty confident based on Clearwire’s filing. In a press release this evening, Sprint stated that “Today’s filing speaks for itself … Clearwire’s proxy makes very clear that Sprint’s definitive agreement to acquire Clearwire provides both the best value for shareholders and stability amid an uncertain future. We continue to believe that the DISH proposal is illusory and conditioned on many things.”

In spite of Sprint’s confidence, some observers still have doubts. After all, Google is building out its own experimental wireless network that operates on Clear’s spectrum, and previous reports seemed to indicate that Google and Dish might be partnering on this new network. So, in other words, we still don’t know anything – but things are still staying interesting!

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4 thoughts on “Clearwire wants its shareholders to choose Sprint over Dish

  • Avatar of Jackietreehorn

    So torn. If Google could do something new/revolutionary/awesome with this, that might be best. However, since we don’t know that, and it could just be Dish, I can’t help but hope Sprint ends up “winning.”

  • Avatar of Kortez

    I’m rooting for Dish. Sprint seems to be on the same path as AT&T so that’s automatically a bad idea in my eyes. Whenever google gets their network up and running nationwide I’m hopping on that train like Oprah on a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts fresh out the oven…lmao

  • Im rooting dish. Only for the fact that if sprint owns clear wire sprint will probably share its lte with clear and slow it down for us on sprint. Thats how it plays out in my head.

  • come on Sprint become the top dog!


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