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ClockworkMod Superuser for rooted Android enters beta

2013 02 25 19.38.00 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereClockworkMod Superuser is a new multi-user-capable Superuser control app from the maker of ClockworkMod Recovery, ROM Manager, Carbon Backup and App Sync, ClockworkMod Tether, DeskSMS,  Loggy, and a bunch of other applications the root and non-root world have come to love.

The Superuser application is open source, free, allows for logging and per-app logging, lets you have PIN protection for Superuser access along with customizable notifications, and works on both x86 and ARM devices.

As this is the beta round, I’m not going to be too harsh on it, which is easy because I only managed to get one force close on the first boot after installing it with no subsequent problems. Clearing the PIN required instruction, as it wasn’t immediately evident, but it’s as simple as entering the current PIN and then entering nothing the next two times.

Koush has an interesting post on why you might want to consider his Superuser. The highlights as I see them are that an open source operating system should have an open source Superuser, and for those who want to integrate it into the ROM as opposed to having a separate application, they should be able to. Also it’s free.

For the average end-user, this is probably not something you care too much about, and mucking about with your Superuser could manage to bork your root, so make sure you know what you’re doing if you plan to replace SU. For me, all I had to do was an uninstall from within SuperSU, then flash the new Superuser from recovery.

For an average end user, it’s a slight difference in what you’re going to see. You’ll get the same basic results, and a few more options for how you run things. One of my favorites is the option to allow this application to have root for ten  minutes and set request timeouts.

For developers, there are a lot of new things to play with, and if they need to make a mod, the source is available and free. Also, hundreds of eyes will be on the source for any mistakes or vulnerabilities.

If you’re installing, please make a nandroid backup first. For those with ROM Manager, you can locate the Superuser flashable in the ClockworkMod section. For anyone else, you can grab it at the source link below.

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