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Greenify for root tames CPU hogs without killing them

2013 02 22 21.30.43 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereOne of the big reasons we root phones is to get rid of bloatware and gain some control over how our phones operate. Unfortunately, after rooting we often discover that programs that we need are actually the causes of some of the slowdowns we rooted to get rid of in the first place. Greenify for root users lets you select and hibernate processes so they don’t consume CPU when you’re not using them.

Unlike Titanium Backup’s freeze feature, which freezes an app and essentially blocks it from running, Greenifying an app allows it to run and function normally while it’s being used but does not allow it to consume resources while it’s hanging around in the background.

And unlike most task killers out there, you’re not engaged in a constant battle of killing a process only to have it respawn from the dead, consuming CPU and battery to load, only to be killed again at a later time.

Greenify is pretty new to the world, so there are bound to be some interesting bugs forthcoming, but from what I’ve found it functions and does what it says. I’m fairly early into a new ROM, so I don’t have the slowdown that’s generally associated with ROMs after you use them for a while, so I can’t tell much other than that background processes that were running before now aren’t consuming any more CPU time.

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Some things to note when using Greenify: If you Greenify a background alarm, it won’t trigger. If you Greenify a social media app, it won’t notify you when you’re mentioned or receive a push message, and if you tag a widget, it’ll show but never update due to widgets using background processes to update the foreground image. So don’t Greenify those.

Greenify also contains a neat little screen that shows you what is taking resources, and what potentially can cause your device to slow down in certain situations. It’s extremely useful for figuring out why you have long delays when switching power sources or network connectivity.

Download: Google Play

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