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HTC rumor roundup: The HTC M7 will be the HTC One

HTC One press image leak - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIt seems like not a day goes by when we don’t get more information about the upcoming HTC M7. Last week we learned that the mysterious device might be released much sooner than originally anticipated  – March 8, to be precise – and now we have a probable name, and even a new press image.

First, the name: Late last week, it surfaced that the M7 would actually be released as the HTC One – not the One X++, or the One Z or One Y, or any other combination of letters, pluses, or other symbols that you can imagine. It will be known simply as the HTC One. And this is definitely a good thing!

I always knew that the M7 would never hit the market with such a boring, forgettable name. But perhaps more importantly, calling this new device simply the HTC One may signify that HTC is finally taking its own previously announced goals to heart – maybe it is finally really going to produce one phone for all carriers, like the HTC One series was originally supposed to do, but ended up still being incredibly fragmented. Maybe HTC will finally realize that it has stretched itself too thinly, and will focus on this single flagship device, providing timely updates and developer support. Maybe, just maybe, we can dream, and it will turn out to be more than a dream.

And perhaps this will also mean an end to the EVO name and franchise – or maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Second, the picture: The notorious source of all kinds of leaks in the past, @evleaks has taken to Twitter yet again, releasing the picture you see on the right. Interestingly, it appears here that HTC has kept only two hardware buttons this time: a back button and a home button. @evleaks has also posted a test shot that was supposedly taken with the HTC One, which appears below.

HTC One picture - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

We will definitely be keeping our eyes open as this story develops and we get information on HTC’s current worst kept secret.

[Android Community | Twitter via Androinica | Flickr]
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