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More HTC One rumors emerge, including pricing and a new color

HTC One Black - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAs we approach February 19 – the date in which HTC will hold a large press event and is expected to officially unveil the new HTC One – more rumors have been emerging, including a US release date and carrier availability, pricing, and even a new color.

While the European release of the HTC One will still likely be on March 8, it’s looking more likely that the US release will take place on March 22. It will launch on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, with the 32GB version selling for $199 and the 64GB version for $299. The source of this latest rumor also confirmed that the HTC One will have a metal casing with two front-facing stereo speakers, which is consistent with that leaked press shot from a few days ago.

Additionally, we are hearing reports that the HTC One will be available in both white and black, with yet another press shot leaking earlier this morning (displayed on the right).

Given HTC’s new focus on this device, I will be very interested to see if this might finally be the end of the EVO franchise as we know it on Sprint – especially since this will be the first Android device manufactured by HTC on the carrier without any EVO branding, since the original HTC Hero. Also notable is Verizon’s absence from the launch list in the US – perhaps the carrier is unwilling to drop its Droid branding, and HTC is unwilling to compromise.

Any more of you getting excited about this phone?

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