Odd LG Nexus 4 bug freezes camera shutter

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Just like any other smartphone, the LG Nexus 4 has a couple of flaws. The rear glass is obviously more vulnerable to cracks than nearly any other material, the screen might occasionally yellow, December was left out of certain parts of the calendar, and automatic brightness doesn’t always work well. Now, it looks like another bug is becoming more and more common, this time concerning the camera app in Android 4.2.

According to a number of users on the Android project page, the Nexus 4’s camera app sometimes stops working, causing the shutter button to stop taking photos. Some report that it can be fixed by switching to camcorder mode and back again, but most seem to agree that it  can only be fixed by rebooting. The problem usually seems to be caused by not rebooting the device for a while, or from a lot of picture taking, but it hasn’t been easy to replicate. I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug on my Nexus 4, but more than 200 people have starred the problem on the Google Code page dedicated to it.

While I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with my Nexus 4 (all my bad luck seems to be concentrated with my Nexus 7), the smallest Nexus device certainly isn’t free of minor flaws. It is interesting, however, that other Android 4.2 phones such as the Galaxy Nexus don’t seem to have this problem, suggesting that it may be a compatibility issue between the Nexus 4’s hardware and software. Either way, it is worth knowing about, and should go on Google’s list of fixes for the next Android OS version.

[Android Issues via Android Police]
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