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Push Notification Fixer v2.3 for rooted Android fixes delayed notifications in many apps

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If you’ve noticed that your notifications are delayed significantly on your Android device, chances are that your connection to the Google Push Notification Service has been severed and the notify service hasn’t caught on to that fact yet. Luckily, Push Notification Fixer can minimize the Push service downtime for your device.

Apps like Words With Friends, Google Voice, Facebook, and most apps that notify you instantly when something happens elsewhere rely on a service that Google provides. Your device connects to this service and listens passively for it to tell it that an application has data waiting, such as a Facebook notification. Listening to this one service allows your phone to not have to go to all the websites that you might get data from and establish costly battery draining connections.

Basically, your phone tells a website “this is my ID, inform Google Push Notifier when I get info,” and then waits. Usually this works fine, but sometimes you’ll find that due to connectivity issues, a bad router, firewall, or other randomness Ppsh notifications stop working.

Usually things will start working again within 15 minutes if you’re on WiFi, and about half an hour later if you’re on 3G. But if you’re regularly losing signal, you might be out of luck keeping push working.

PNF allows you to change the intervals with which the push service is verified to be working. You change the heartbeat interval to something lower and it will actively check to make sure the connection persists properly, and attempt to reestablish when it’s not. Finding out that someone sent you a text or move in a game over 30 minutes ago should be a thing of the past, or at least the delay should be significantly shorter.

- for some reason we don't have an alt tag herePNF is free, and it only runs at startup so there’s no resource draining once the new heartbeat is set. It modifies the GTalk heartbeat from 15/28 minutes to whatever you want to set it to. The author suggests checking at five minute intervals to see if the service is still running. Overall, it’s a pretty neat tool if you’re finding that push is regularly broken on your device.

Download: Google Play

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