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S-OFF achieved for the 3.16.651.3 update on HTC EVO 4G LTE

I really should start naming these pictures some day for now though this is the 3.16.651.3 s off screen - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Nearly two weeks ago, HTC EVO 4G LTE owners were greeted with an OTA that fixed many of the bugs from the previous Android Jelly Bean update. Although the HBOOT version had not changed from 2.09, the DirtyRacun root tool provided by Unlimited.IO failed to work with the new firmware and radios.

But yesterday at 3:30 p.m., LadyX of Team Unlimited posted a screenshot of an S-OFFed EVO 4G LTE running the radios that came with the new update. The new 3.16-capable instructions requires some additional steps, involving flashing a recovery with ADB features built-in (TWRP is all we have at the moment, that I’m aware of), the introduction of a BabyRacun file, and running it as an application via a shell.

The whole process still requires to be functioning properly. Unfortunately, and with how HTC has been lately, you still want to get your unlock token sent before you commit any time to S-OFFing your EVO 4G LTE. In other words, get your unlock token now, since you can use it many moons from now. You might also want to go ahead and complete that step of unlocking the bootloader, even if you’re still on the fence about S-OFF.

Once again, Unlimited.IO is right out there with a chisel to the HTC development wall. Happy S-OFFing!

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