ASUS finally sent me a repair quote for my broken Nexus 7

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Well, it looks like the saga of my broken (but not dropped) ASUS Nexus 7 is near its end. To give you some background, I broke my Nexus 7 about a month ago without dropping it, but the digitizer completely stopped working, anyway. I was hoping to be able to repair the tablet, but found that replacement digitizers cost just as much as the tablet itself, and ASUS quoted $205 for the repair. Still, I sent the tablet back in the hopes that the failed digitizer would be cause enough for ASUS to repair the tablet under warranty. As I expected, the news I got back from ASUS wasn’t what I had hoped for. The email contained some information on payment,  but the important info appears below:

Cost of repairs (all amounts are USD) – enter amounts on credit card form:
Parts – $85.00 (LCD)
Labor – $65.00
Shipping – please select one shipping method only on credit card form
Sales Tax** – please select one option only on credit card form

Now, this is actually less than the original quote, but still an exorbitant amount for a tablet that cost me $229. However, I’d like to draw your attention to the above image, sent to me of my tablet by the ASUS repair center. As you should be able to tell, the tablet is much more damaged than when I sent it in, meaning that either it was damaged at the repair center or by the post office. I packaged the tablet in a box quite securely, but the ASUS service center did apologize for their month-long delay in correspondence. While I would normally blame the post office for leaving my package at the bottom of a bin and crushing it, but it sounds like the ASUS service center may be at fault, too.

Either way, the new damage will make it even harder to get the $80 that I would need from the tablet to justify buying a new one instead of getting it repaired ($150+80), but at this point I’m just going to give up and cut my losses. I’ve requested that the tablet be sent back to me, and I’ll sell it on eBay for whatever I can get. Hopefully, that amount will be over $30, so that I don’t have to think I wasted more than $200 on having a tablet for a few weeks. I still have some concerns about the durability of these tablets, since I don’t think I subjected mine to any abuse at all, but I won’t be buying another ASUS Nexus 7. Instead, I’ll wait for the next Nexus tablet, and hopefully it will either be more durable, or I won’t break it.

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Aaron Orquia

Aaron Orquia is an associate editor at Pocketables. He has been using Android and Linux since he bought his first computer years ago, and his interest in technology, software, and tweaking both to work just right has only grown stronger since then. His current gadgets include a OnePlus One, a Pebble smartwatch, and an Acer C720 Chromebook.

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23 thoughts on “ASUS finally sent me a repair quote for my broken Nexus 7

  • Avatar of Stringfellow

    Hey Aaron, sorry for the loss. I always slap a Zagg screen protector on my devices asap. Can’t say it would have saved your Nexus, but should have kept screen from “spider webbing” further. Will miss further reviews from you regarding the 7.

    • I’ve still got a Nexus 7 in tip-top shape (fingers crossed), so we’ll definitely still be covering the device on Pocketables.

      As for you, Aaron, this really sucks. I probably would have complained to ASUS a bit more, especially since it was more damaged than when you sent it in (and I assume you have photos to prove that). You might have been able to get that repair bill down…

  • Avatar of Paul E King

    you have the picture from the last piece, might ought to go ahead and send that to them “this is what I sent” – dang…

    This is why I always take pictures of the packaging when I send things… had a computer shipped that UPS drop kicked I had similar issues with

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    These items are not built to be repaired.
    Your best bet is to buy a “Best Buy” type insurance policy.
    My next purchase will probably be at Best Buy, with 2 year policy. (Discount if you buy 2 years up front)

      • Avatar of JRDemaskus

        As I look through the Best Buy insurance info, I am not seeing the same policies I saw last year. Maybe they are not offering them anymore?
        And I never found a price for the “advanced” plan.
        So I retract my statement till I know more for sure.
        But currently, I am paying for ATT insurance every month, plus there is a deductible if I make a claim.
        Best Buy used (?) To offer the same price plan with no deductible, no question, any reason, replacement. Just look through the Dell Streak forum for proof of that.
        Maybe that has all changed now?

        • Avatar of Ken White

          Companies like best buy make money on your purchase of the insurance regardless of the device and it’s cost precisely for the same reason all risk pools of this type work.
          Less than 30% of those people who have in-warranty issues will bother to return the item.
          You could personally return yours 5 times and have cost the pool 3 times the worth of your device.
          Meanwhile, 27 other people never bought in their damaged item even though they paid an extra $75 for the insurance. Who knows why this is the case but it’s the same behaviour I’m yelling at the author for.
          DEMAND THEY FIX IT. Don’t be one those people who eats the food and pays the bill when they brought you the wrong item and provide terrible service.
          You can be classy about it but stop letting everyone get away with everything. It degrades the expectations of business and patron everywhere, thus degrading all quality and service in noticable amounts.

  • Ouch. Surely you have pictures of the device before you sent it to them. I would have demanded they send it back in the same condition as it was sent to them, or you’d take them to court for the cost of repairing the additional damage they caused.

    They probably wouldn’t have repaired it for free, but should have at least offered you some kind of subsidy on the repair cost.

    If they claim the additional damage was caused by the postal service, can you not claim against them, I assume it was sent with some kind of postal insurance.

  • FWIW, I insured my Nexus 7 with SquareTrade ($50). I dropped and cracked the screen. It was super painless to replace. The day my broken Nexus arrived at SquareTrade, I was Paypaled the purchase price.

    I’ve never been a fan of 3rd party insurance for electronics, but for tablets, which I always break, I really have no choice being that I’m a bit clumsy at times.

  • Avatar of Ken White

    Why would you accept that response? I’m having a hard time understanding that unless you did, in fact, drop it previously or if you knowingly packaged it poorly. Obviously they broke your tablet.

    You call them and you insist that they fix it or replace it. When they say it’s not their responsibility ask them which fictional character they assign responsibility to, in that case – since you sent it to them whole and packaged properly?

    Basically you don’t stop squeaking until they oil you. It is already a total loss for you, who cares about $30. Let them keep it and keep at it until they replace it. It’s disgraceful… I would remind them that you’re a columnist, that people read your opinion on these devices, that you’ve always respected ASUS in the past and that this treatment comes as a shock to you (as it does to me certainly) and will make you and your readers think twice about purchasing from them again.

    Don’t be one of those people who says “I’m not the type to make a fuss” – because you’re damaging consumers everywhere when you allow companies to get away with this sort of thing.

    • Honestly that kind of crap doens’t get you far. When people name drop that they’re a secret shopper, blogger, yelp eliter, I lose all interest in helping them out. It’s like telling a woman how much money you make on the first date. It’s just tacky.. if there were anything to you(or your claim) you wouldn’t have to do that.

      What I am really interested in, is how in god’s name you ever got an RMA?! I documented my experience trying to return one here. They go through effort to make it impossible.

  • I didn’t crack my screen either.

    Cost of repairs (all amounts are USD) – enter amounts on credit card form PRIOR to printing the form:
    Parts – $128.00 (LCD)
    Labor – $65.00
    Tax**- $15.61

  • I also sent in a nexus 7 WITH NO PHYSICAL Damage. The screen stopped working one day and now ASUS has emailed me with a picture of a cracked screen and says I must pay to fix it.

    In spite of insisting that I packaged it better than when it was originally shipped to me (in 4″ of bubble wrap and in the original box!) they maintain that it was damaged in transit! NO WAY!

    How do I get ASUS to honor their repair policy. It’s been a month and I call them every day to try and make headway but they continue to pass me around to different people. And the repair place will do nothing but respond to my emails with “We are only notifying you of the condition we received it in. If you would like, you can file a claim with your courier”


  • Avatar of Gregory

    I know this is about pocketables ,but, I am going throgh a horror story with ASUS also for an RMA on my TF201 Prime tablet. I sent it UPS for around 20 bucks on the 12th of July, they received it on the 17th and it was put in there slow lousy system on the 22nd. It is now the 10th of August and I got an email with a quote to fix the screens lcd. Th e LCD was in perfect condition except for a blue line 2 inches from the left vertically down the display while turned on. I am under warranty and they want me to pay 150.00 U.S. dollars for the LCD , 50.00 for the labor and something else to ship it back to me.. Outraged to say the least. I got it with this defect out of box, like they care. ASUS in my opinion has the worsed customer supprt , technical support and are losing customers left and right. Why would’nt they tell me lcd problems aren’t covered under warrant before I sent this to be RMA’d??? Unbelievable, I am trying to get in touch with GARY KEY from ASUS ; Senior Technical coordinator , correct me if I am wrong.
    We will see. The sad part is I love the tablet but willn probably never recommend ASUS to anyone . They have had my tablet longer than I have…… sad.

    Best Regards,

  • I dont know why everyone is complaining. Asus quoted me $165 to fix my screen. I said that was too much and told them to ship it back. I got the tablet back in the mail with a brand new screen installed for free. AWESOME!

  • Avatar of Mary Ann

    My daughter bought this same device in May. Unfortunately just today she woke up with several cracks across the screen that started right above where you plug in the micro USB cable. She worked for several months cleaning houses to earn her tablet, so she bought a protective case and Tech Armor screen protector. She is the most responsible teen I’ve ever met (so much so, that it kind of bugs me sometimes) and extremely honest. The crack wouldn’t be so bad, but the screen in unresponsive to touch. I felt sick when I realized if she had done this two weeks ago, Sam’s club would have exchanged it no problem. So I am happy it’s still under warranty, only when I call Asus for help, they can’t guarantee that we won’t pay anything. I had no idea the screen wasn’t covered under warranty and this totally sucks. Now I’m sick to my stomach, waiting till she comes home to break the news. She’s going to be crushed. Thanks for your posts – I at least have a couple of ideas of what I can do to hopefully fix this with minimal cost!

  • Avatar of greg

    Oh. should give a little more details over an ebay link..

    The units I replaced are for the 2012 nexus units.. not the 2013 units.

    ebay search “OEM Asus Google Galaxy Nexus 7 Tablet LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Parts”

    or find a suitable unit. They only cost $70. The youtube video is a complete teardown and replacement of the screen.. MANY little screws, but over all, easily done. Have patience if you attempt it yourself.. and PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECTION.. if you flex the broken screen, tiny slivers of glass can ‘pop’ off.. be sure to vacuum completely around the area that you work when you are finished.. they hurt when stepped on.

  • Hello. Sorry for the loss. I’m actually interested in this device if you’re still selling it…

    But, what I wanted to say is, that it’s ALWAYS necessary to take a pic of the device just few moments before you pack it for sending it to RMA with a date/time source clearly visible (like times newspaper website or similar), because it already happened to me a few times that I could only suck a d***… I lost few months old ATI radeon 6970 (about 320euro loss), only couple of weeks old G.Skill PI series RAM (another 315 euro loss) and almost brand new iPhone 4S (don’t want to think about that loss)… So yeah, it sucks when it’s not your fault but you can’t proove it… Additionally, I’ve spent another 100 euro for solving the issues, like 2 hours long phone calls abroad, multiple postages for so-called “re-inspection” of the item,… Now I’ve learned to do as described, and it helped me in my last case when sending ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with a pic prooving that a small resistor was still on when sent…

    I haven’t even received any appologize!

  • After reading all these horror stories about Asus support and repair department, screw Asus. I am getting a Samsung tab 3 10.1 instead. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Really helped me make a decision in which tablet to get.

  • I also broke the LCD and digitizer on my Nexus 7 2013 edition. Asus repaired it, but it took a month, and it cost $165.

    I am trying to get a refund of at least part of the charges, since it took an unacceptably long time.

    I’m also dealing with Asus on a separate issue.

    Asus support has been less than helpful. It seems they make every effort to tell you what they CANNOT do rather than provide help. And they’ve insisted that a month for this sort of repair is entirely reasonable.

    I’ve escalated my issues to corporate (one is a person named “Lou Romero”) and am still encountering the same culture of excuses and “we can’t do that”.

  • Avatar of Trouble

    I also had a Nexus 7 2013 screen crack on me with absolutely no drops. Heck it was even in a case. The crack started around the ‘power’ button and then a single crack spread across the screen causing 1/3 of the screen to be unresponsive. I told Asus exactly what the issue was and sent it in on my dime and got it back telling me that they don’t fix physical damage. Yeah. Really. Even though I told them what happened before I paid to send it in. As I escalated, they offered to let me send it back on their dime but never agreed to cover it under warranty and as some have found, repair costs about as much as a new unit! Obviously there is an issue here (I believe it’s just cheap glass and a body that is so thin that it flexes). Well last Asus product that I buy I guess.


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