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How to access more fonts in Google Drive than you’ll ever need

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When Google Docs first launched years ago, one of my biggest criticisms was its lack of font selection (I’m fairly certain it had less than a dozen). It’s since gotten much better in regards to the fonts it offers everyone by default, but what many people don’t realize is that Google Drive actually allows users to access a huge library of fonts, comparable to or even possibly exceeding the number offered by its main competitor, Microsoft Word – you just have to add them yourself.

To access all the fonts available to you on Google Drive, simply open up a document and click on your font drop down menu. At the very bottom is an almost unnoticeable option to “Add fonts…”

You’ll then be able to browse the entire library of fonts, add however many you’d like to your default collection, or even delete those that you don’t want to use anymore (you can always add them back again in the future, if you want to). You can sort by popularity, name, the date they were added, or those that are currently trending. You can also choose to show only display fonts, handwriting fonts, serif fonts, or sans serif fonts.

Who would have thought that fonts could be so much fun?

Google Drive fonts - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

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6 thoughts on “How to access more fonts in Google Drive than you’ll ever need

  • Avatar of Jason B.

    Now if they only could get tables to be as good as MS Word… but overall I love Google Docs.

  • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

    Perfect! I can finally use Princess Sofia without loading up Word. Seriously though, this will make Drive much more useful.

  • Avatar of MommyKat

    I am trying to do home binder in spreadsheets. I pull up the drop down menu for fonts and it gives me 6 font options and not add font. :(

    • It looks like it’s not available for Google Sheets, unfortunately…

  • It’s too bad there’s only one font I will ever need, this being Helvetica, of course.

  • Avatar of Em Do

    Although I use Google Drive in French, I don’t have the “Add fonts” function at the bottom of the fonts scrolling menu. Any idea how to activate it? Thank you.


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