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Google Keep is introduced, along with an Android app available now

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Get ready, because you can probably kiss Gmail Tasks goodbye very, very soon. Google just unveiled its new note-taking app Keep today, after accidentally spilling the beans for a few hours, earlier this week. It comes complete with its own web app, available at, and an Android app, available at the link below for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and higher.

Google says that it will soon be integrated more tightly into Google Drive. The Android app even provides a lockscreen widget if you’re running Android 4.2 or higher.

But right now at launch, Google Keep seems very basic – almost too basic. While I previously speculated that Google Keep might be the reason why development on Scratchpad was abandoned a few months ago, I’m starting to wonder; it doesn’t even support rich text yet!

Granted, this is a very visually appealing service, giving you the ability to drag and drop notes in any order you please, and color code them, too. It also supports checklists. But that’s about it. I understand that a note-taking app doesn’t really have to be very complicated, but I would expect a little more from Google than what I’m seeing here.

In any case, try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think. Maybe I’m just missing the fact that Google Keep’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

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Download: Google Play

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6 thoughts on “Google Keep is introduced, along with an Android app available now

  • Yikes. They get us hooked on programs, then discontinue them.
    – Tasks (per the article)
    – Notebook
    – Reader

    I’m now at the point where I don’t trust investing information in their services.

    Maybe they should name this new product more truthfully, like “Keep, but Just for a While”

    • Take what I said about Tasks with a grain of salt. I’m just speculating… hopefully, Google would have enough sense to merge all your existing Tasks into Keep, if they really do plan on ending that service.

      • Thanks. That makes sense.

  • I’ve tried to use evernote multiple times and I understand it must be awesome for power users but its just not for me. Giving Keep a try and I love how simple it is. Only thing I need are tags and a chrome extension now.

  • Looks promising.

    The good: cloud storage access anywhere.

    Missing: some means for hierarchical organization.

    • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

      I agree, it really needs notebooks or tags. Eight or so colors really isn’t going to do it.


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