Jump Desktop for iPad has revolutionary Bluetooth mouse capabilities thanks to jailbreak tweaks [Video]

When you jailbreak your device you pretty much accept that you fragment the way your device works. Jailbreak tweaks is one community, one eco system, and App Store apps is another. Occasionally, however, what you get from one benefits something from the other, such as the trick with symbolic links (a jailbreak-only tweak) suddenly opening up a lo of possibilities for normal App Store apps.

Turns out that such cross compatibility gem is hidden in the way the jailbreak tweaks BTC Mouse & Trackpad (the successor to BTstack mouse) interacts with the remote desktop app Jump Desktop. Jump Desktop is a RDP/VNC client, which means it’s an app/service that utilizes the existing VNC and RDP protocols to allow users to connect to their computer remotely. Like other such apps, it uses a touch-to-mouse system for allowing the user to handle a mouse-controlled UI from the touch-controlled iPad, which isn’t the world’s most intuitive system at times.

Normally, when you use BTC Mouse & Trackpad to connect a mouse to your iPad, that mouse will actually emulate touch. This means that when you connect to a remote computer, your BT mouse won’t act like a PC mouse, because in reality the mouse is emulating touch, which in turn emulates the mouse. This means that the cursor only updates when you click the mouse button, as that’s when it emulates a screen touch. The right mouse button in those cases will be mapped to the iPad home button, which is part of how BTC Mouse & Trackpad works. So, if you try to right click to copy text, you actually leave the app.

However, with Jump Desktop it’s different. BTC Mouse & Trackpad has built in support for Jump Desktop, which allows it to let the connected mouse take direct control over the computer mouse. This means the mouse works the way you expect it to with regards too tracking, left and right clicking. Move the mouse, and the cursor moves. Right click, and you right click in the app. It’s the way it should work, naturally, but it’s also the way it doesn’t work in most remote desktop apps.

I’ll do a full review of Jump Desktop in a few days, but I just wanted to share this little discovery right away. As far as remote computing goes, it’s outright revolutionary, as there’s no substitution for using a proper mouse when you remote control a UI that’s actually made for a mouse. Having a mouse at all is of course useful, but it just works so much better when it works exactly how a mouse should. The best part of it is that since this works by having a unrelated jailbreak tweak take control of Jump Desktop, rather than Jump Desktop adding compatibility for the tweak, Apple can’t put the blame on Jump Desktop.

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Andreas Ødegård

Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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13 thoughts on “Jump Desktop for iPad has revolutionary Bluetooth mouse capabilities thanks to jailbreak tweaks [Video]

  • Avatar of Randy S

    … sounds like what my ASUS TF700T does when I plug in any run-of-the-mill mouse…

    • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

      And if android wasnt beyond useless in educational situations, I wouldnt have sold the android tablet I had that did exsctly the same

      • As a person with a graduate degree in mathematics who is a former graduate assistant, and who currently works in statistics and uses an Android tablet as a complete paper replacement professionally, I can’t help but disagree. Your problem is, just like all Apple users (and to no fault of your own), you seem to have become dependent on their ecosystem. Are there things Android tablets can’t do yet that the iPad does? Sure. Are there things that iPads can’t do that Android does? Yep. Your experience suggesting that an iPad is more capable is simply not reflective of mine.

        When I need to present, I can connect to any HDMI-capable display with a pretty standard micro-HDMI cable.

        If I need to access a file on my laptop, I can connect to it remotely.

        When I need to take notes, I recall you yourself acknowledging that ASUS’s SuperNote does what you want it to do (and so does Quill, actually).

        And if I want to type or use it as a laptop, the dock with USB port means I don’t have to do anything special at all to do exactly that.

        I have yet to find a professional or educational use for my Android tablet for which it has fallen short… and none of those uses required root access (though it is rooted).

  • Avatar of jeraldyne

    andreas, long time reader here. loved your articles. quick question:

    ipad capable of using a BT keyboard and a BT mouse at the same time?


    jeraldyne c”,)

    • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

      Sure, that’s what I do when I use this setup :) works great. In fact, one of the things I hate about Splashtop is poor support for BT keyboards, but Jump Desktop handles them beautifully!

  • Avatar of jeraldyne

    thanks for the quick reply!! questions: what brand/model mouse you using? does any BT mouse works?

    • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

      Any normal BT mouse should work, but do keep in mind that jailbreak is needed. I use a logitech m555b that I’ve had for years and been quite happy with

  • I can’t seem to get right clicking to work. That is a shame as it greatly reduces usablility.

    I have bt stack installed, the mouse works. I disabled the cursor so I only use the apple cursor to interact, but I still have to long click for context menu.

    Also for some reason the right click does nothing. It doesn’t trigger home in my system it triggers the pref pane when I am on the spring board.

    Any ideas?

    • Avatar of Andreas Ødegård

      Try BTC Mouse & trackpad

  • Ok here’s an afterthought. How difficult would it be for me to (now bear with me here). Connect my jailbroken ipad 4 to my splashtop 2 pc and actually GAME on it effectively?

    I’ve been racking my brain, I fly out to sweden in two days and have GREAT wifi at home and at the place, but with all of the little issues it has I’d love to just be able to connect a controller and play skyrim 3000 kilometers from home. Is that at all possible?

  • Hello… Just wanted a little more info on this. I have jump and want to be able to use my iPad in class and on the go with a mouse/keyboard. My iPad isn’t jailbroken. Can u give me the steps to be able to access the jump Remote Desktop with a Bluetooth mouse like you have in the video? Thank you very much

  • Hi,

    I’ Am looking for a solution to use the drag and drop function.

    Is that possible as well? Thank you?


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