Tasker’s new UI update is now live in the Google Play Store

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The last few months, the Tasker developer has been working on completely revamping the user interface. Although most power users like myself would rather have seen that time be spent on actually useful features, the unfortunate truth is that for a lot of casual and new users, Tasker’s UI has been a hindrance for quite a while. That’s why Pent, the developer, finally sat down to do something about it. After more than twenty betas over the last few months, the new version of Tasker is now available in the Play Store.

The update is available for the all devices, however the new UI isn’t. You need to run Android 4.0 or above to be able to use the new UI, which is quite unfortunate. The reason why I posted next to nothing about Tasker for several months, was that my phone was running Android 2.3, and too heavily customized for me to ever plan on updating it. Pure chance landed me with a second phone that I could work on to get everything up and running, a task that took me a couple of week, and I’ve been getting to know the new UI of Tasker since then. Some areas of it are clear improvements, but there are also things that I think worked better before.

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The new UI is based on the Holo theme standard by Google  and should look familiar to ICS+ users. Unfortunately, years worth of videos and screenshots of the UI will now be outdated, including our own Beginner’s Guide. Everything still works the same with the new UI, but it looks different, so it will be interesting to see if that causes problems. I do plan to update the Beginner’s Guide at some point, but when that will be I don’t know.

If you’ve been using Tasker release versions only, you will see a lot of changes, while those who have been keeping up with the beta versions essentially won’t have to do much.

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Download: Google Play

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