Chromebook Pixel unboxing and first impressions

Well, yesterday I promised an unboxing, so here you are. (Sorry for all the refocuses!) My new Google Chromebook just got dropped off on my doorstep by UPS, so I immediately dug into the packaging like a child at Christmas. And let me tell you – there’s a lot to be excited about.

Here are some first impressions that I collected during my unboxing, and while playing with the Chromebook Pixel for a little while afterwards:

  • The screen – oh my God, the screen. Everything you heard about it is right. It’s brilliant. The pixels really are invisible. It’s so bright. You really have to see it in person – words just won’t do it justice. Yes, I’ve seen Retina displays Macbook Pros, and for whatever reason, this one seems better, even though the ppi isn’t that much higher on the Pixel. The Timescapes video is magnificent, and the images almost appear 3D – that’s how good this screen is.
  • Yes, the screen is glossy when it’s off, but when you’re using the Pixel, you don’t really notice the gloss. That’s because it’s just so bright – 400 nits, to be precise. Taking away touch input and turning this into a matte screen, as others have suggested, would really degrade the quality of those 4.3 million pixels.
  • This thing is heavy. I’ve heard some reviewers comment on the weight, but I didn’t know how right they were until I held the Pixel myself. Perhaps its the industrial, boxy design that makes it seem heavier – I don’t know. I can imagine that it will get annoying carrying around in a laptop bag, although I did notice that it felt fine on my lap. Maybe I’m just a weakling.
  • The screen!
  • The trackpad is brilliant, too. It’s accurate, responsive, smooth, and just a joy to use.
  • I don’t know why the Chrome function keys at the top are stiffer than the rest of the keyboard. I also don’t know if I like that or not, but even if I decide I don’t, it’s a minor pet peeve.
  • Did I mention the screen?

I might be crazy for spending this much on the Pixel, but the chances that I’ll change my mind and return it are slowly starting to dwindle away. I’ll keep writing about my experiences with the Pixel, so come back soon and follow me as I embark on what’s looking to be a very exciting adventure in technology.

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