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CyanogenMod decides to keep data collection opt-out

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When we told you a few days ago that CyanogenMod would no longer allow opting out of statistics gathering, the general reaction here was one of apathy, although a few people were vocally upset about their favorite ROM taking away this option. For those that cared, it now looks as if Steve Kondik – the father of CyanogenMod – has reversed the decision, and will continue to allow people to opt out, if they wish.

In an announcement on Google+ yesterday, Kondik stated:

I restored the opt-out feature to stats gathering in CM this morning.

It’s incredibly frustrating that a handful of incredibly vocal users are ready to “fork” over the issue. News flash: there are already a hundred forks of CM. We like it, and we enable it! And there’s no sinister plot to crack the hashed data and sell your deepest darkest secrets to Verizon and the NSA.

In the end though, we should respect everyone’s wishes here. The change was well-intentioned- we just want to have better answers to certain questions.  There are many applications out there who are doing incredibly dubious things like uploading all of your contacts without your consent, so certain suspicions are understandable. I do not want CM to ever be perceived as a group who doesn’t respect the privacy of it’s users.

He’s obviously not very happy about the decision, but enough people spoke out against it that it seems as if his hand was forced. And that’s the beauty of community-driven open source projects!

[Google+] Thanks, Simon!

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