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Deal Alert: Get a cheap Android tablet in last year’s model courtesy of Woot

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I don’t always check Woot, especially since its redesign changed the way deals are handled, and I haven’t found the sales to be as good. However, the website occasionally does still have some good deals on older or refurbished products, as is the case today. Currently, Woot is selling several refurbished last-gen cheap Android tablets at prices good enough to make them worth considering over newer units.

Right now, $250 will buy you a new 32GB Nexus 7 with a Tegra 3 processor direct from Google, but the cheapest 10-inch tablet on the Play Store still costs $400. For those who prefer a 10-inch display but don’t want to spend as much, the ASUS TF300 Transformer with a Tegra 3 is for sale for $259, which is $90 below Amazon’s price for the 32GB tablet. The 16GB tablet is also offered at $80 off of Amazon’s price.  In addition, the entire Transformer tablet/keyboard bundle is a good $120 cheaper than buying the items from Amazon at their current price.

The Toshiba Thrive 10.1, several sizes of ViewSonic tablets, a Vizio 8-inch tablet, and the Motorola Xoom Family Edition and Xyboard 8.2 are also part of the sale, but the prices aren’t as low as the ASUS units. Also, although a $70 ViewSonic 7-inch tablet may sound good in theory, low-end tablets usually don’t work very well in real life. Still, the cheapest unit for sale might be useful for projects like adding touchscreen car navigation or Twitter to a refrigerator.

Now that I’ve been thinking about using a tablet to replace my laptop, the ASUS Transformer series makes a lot of sense, and even the last-gen tablet would probably be faster than my original Chromebook. Sadly, since Ubuntu Touch isn’t yet working well on the TF300 I’ll be passing up on this deal, but for those who want a quality 10-inch tablet at a 7-inch price point, these ASUS tablets for sale through April 5 are worth a look.

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