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Google is celebrating the Google Play redesign with device giveaways, get a new Nexus free

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Although you wouldn’t know it from the Google Play web interface (I’m not sure about the app since I haven’t yet gotten the automatic update), Google currently has a sweepstakes going on to celebrate the Google Play Redesign. Announced on Twitter, the contest is giving away (very appropriately) ten Nexus 10s, seven Nexus 7s, four Nexus 4s, and one hundred $10 Google Play gift cards.

The contest is very simple to enter, but to participate you must be at least 18 years old and live in the US. You will also need a Twitter account, so that you can follow @GooglePlay and send a message to @GooglePlay with a link to your favorite selection of media or app on Google Play. The message must include a link to the media on Google Play, as well as the hashtag #favoritethings. Once you have completed that message, there is a simple entry form to fill out that you can find through the source link.

With the exception of the entry form, this is pretty much a standard Twitter contest. At first, I found it odd that Google didn’t use its own Google+ social network for the contest, but it turns out there’s a reason: Interestingly enough, there is apparently a Google+ rule that bans contests on the social network. It still seems odd that they conducted the Glass selection process on Google+, but I suppose since participants still have to buy the product it wasn’t a giveaway.

Regardless of the social networked used, this is a very simple and fun contest that is certainly worth the five minutes of time that it will take to enter. I certainly would enjoy a free Nexus 7 to replace my broken tablet, or a Nexus 10 to test out Ubuntu Touch. Even another Nexus 4 would be neat, although I would probably sell it to get the next Nexus 7. The contest is open until April 24, so be sure to go ahead and enter for the chance to win one of a very few new Nexus devices straight from Google.

[Google via Twitter]
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