How to download YouTube videos on Android from Chrome on your PC

The developer of AutoRemote, joaomgcd, has posted a video tutorial for a Tasker-based setup that I think deserves some attention. The video shows how Tasker, AutoRemote, AutoShare, and TubeMate can be used together to create a system where you can right click videos in Chrome on your PC and then have the option to download them open on your phone.

This is very useful if you, like me, watch YouTube videos on your computer, but want to keep some of them stored locally on your mobile device. This still requires you to actually click a couple of buttons on your device, but it saves you a ton of work by opening the video for you in TubeMate, ready to download.

Joaomgcd’s video above shows how it’s done, and you need the following to make it work:

While this specific video uses the Chrome plug-in to send the message, you can use AutoRemote’s other supported message platforms as well. This includes everything from iOS devices, to Google Talk, to simple bookmarklets.

This is a brilliant example of how multiple apps and plug-ins can be made to work together using Tasker, and it might just give you some ideas for what else these apps can be used for, especially the Tasker/AutoRemote/AutoShare combination. AutoShare adds a ton of functionality to the Tasker eco system by allowing you to utilize Android’s built-in Share feature in new ways, and this is just one potential creation.

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