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Naked Browser brings speed and functionality without unneeded permissions and bloat

Naked Browser on PocketablesNaked Browser is a small web browsing app that does one thing extremely well: browse.

Pages load at the speed of the connection, the app launches instantly, and the whole thing has a footprint of 114K, or about 600K unpacked. To contrast, Google Chrome installed on the HTC EVO 4G LTE is about 60MB for the app (or about 100 times larger). The end result of the smaller footprint is the browser not being killed as you swap between applications.

Naked Browser also doesn’t require permissions it doesn’t need. If you care about application permissions, you’ll note that other browsers require a lot they’ll never need. Naked Browser needs full network communications, storage, and the ability to prevent the phone from sleeping so downloads won’t pause. The lack of permissions means some things are not available to mobile web pages, such as location data, and you won’t have access to account information or some of the other things that make modern browsers so neat. The upside is that Naked Browser doesn’t track you.

For my daily uses, I can’t use Naked Browser exclusively, but it’s the best browser for just pulling up Google and hitting a web page or two.

In my extremely unscientific tests, it took about ten seconds to launch Chrome Beta and get to Google. The same task took about four seconds for Naked Browser, although I think it would have taken less if I could type into the browser bar faster.

QR for Naked BrowserSwitching between tabs is instantaneous, with no reloading, no halting background tabs, and no reloading when switched like Chrome seems to do on my EVO.

Naked Browser is available for free, but if you’re in love with the app there’s a pro version available for $1.44, and it’s worth it to support the developer.

Download: Google Play

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13 thoughts on “Naked Browser brings speed and functionality without unneeded permissions and bloat

  • Paul is Back! Sweet.
    Looking forward to trying this browser ASAP.

    Now if I could just find mike from MeanBean we’d be talking. Was a update almost daily and now he has apparently fallen off the planet. Lol

    • I’m barely back – doing app and product reviews for a couple of days until I have time to do some ROM stuff.

      Baby = I can’t brain

      • Well bout time;-)

        Congratulations man! Good stuff.

      • Avatar of Simon Belmont

        Congratulations, Paul. Good for you and your wife. :)

        More like Baby = No sleep for the first 3-4 months. My son started sleeping the night around 3 months. Although, I was actually getting used to being up at 12am or 4am. My wife and I alternated feedings. :D

    • will give him an email later and see what the deal is if he’s not too busy

    • AKAIK Mike has a Samsung device now, so that’s where most of his attention is. I still have hope he’ll update the EVO 4G LTE when the next OTA is out, though…

  • I’ve been using Naked Nrowser for a few weeks now and love it.

  • > I can’t use Naked Browser exclusively


    • Couple of the sites I use need GPS, one doesn’t look right.

      I use weird stuff though

      • I should have mentioned that I am the developer of this app. Thank you for the review.

        GPS is omitted because I wanted the app to have as few privileges as possible. It may get added one day. The pro version should have the feature soon.

        As for the site that doesn’t look right, the app use Android WebView on your device so I may not be able to fix it. If you post the link here or email me, I will see what I can do: android -at- nakedbrowser

        • Hey Tony, I’ll get you that information later.
          GPS I knew why – that’s mostly the reason.

          The site that doesn’t look right is a custom site my day job uses. Not a big whoop…

          I think anyone else should use this as their exclusive though ;)

          • Thank you, sir! The free version of the app is not for profit, no ads, no tracking, etc. so if people use it or not I’m OK with it. I would just like to improve it if possible so feedback is appreciated!

  • Browser development goes insane ! Midtime browsers consumes so much memory max strain OS and broadband in compare to some CFD heavy numerical simulation calculation software package and that only for browsing internet. If we install some software protection solution then we have shot-ed and killed OS and hardware ! Never enough resources ! WHo develops such crap and why ???


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