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Rumor: Sprint is preparing to launch 21 new LTE markets at any moment

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According to a leaked internal memo obtained by Phone Arena, Sprint is getting ready to launch 21 new LTE markets at any moment. The new LTE service areas are:

  • California: Los Angeles, Contra Costa County
  • Florida: Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach
  • Indiana: Bloomington and Lafayette
  • Illinois: Rochelle
  • Minnesota: Mankato-North Mankato
  • Missouri: Joplin
  • North Carolina: Charlotte, Shelby, Albemarle, Sailsbury, Lincolnton
  • Tennessee: Memphis, Greenville, Tullahoma
  • Texas: Denison, Kerrville
  • Virginia: Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News

The memo states that these markets will be officially announced today, April 12, although Sprint hasn’t made any official announcements about them yet. Usually, Sprint announces new LTE markets first thing in the morning, so it’s doubtful at this point that we’ll hear anything until at least early next week.

Still, it’s about time we get some new LTE markets. Sprint’s initial momentum seems to have slowed a bit – and with Sprint’s previous track record, it can’t really afford to allow anyone to start doubting it again.

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26 thoughts on “Rumor: Sprint is preparing to launch 21 new LTE markets at any moment

  • Any intel on the Washington, DC market? I’m thinking of ditching my WiMax Evo for the LTE HTC One, but there’s no reason to in the DC area as there’s no LTE anywhere near me, but there is spotty WiMax.

    • Avatar of Stormprobe

      Looking at Sensorly, it looks like Washington DC is already covered.

  • When I first heard about Sprint’s move to LTE, I thought the articles mostly said that it was a simple and easy transition to add to the existing towers. But how long has it been and we still have wide open spaces of 0(zero) coverage? Wow….

  • Philadelphia hasn’t been officially announced yet, but I’ve been getting LTE for the last month or so in parts of the city…

  • I’m about 90 East of Houston TX and we have nada here.

    I’m just waiting for the day that icon pops up on the screen.

  • Joplin, really!?
    How about St Louis… I just don’t understand these guys.

    • Saint Louis has actually had a few towers near the airport pop up and then go down. from a few sources i know they are nearly finished with all of the installations, its now just a matter of time for the tests to complete and them to turn on the lte goodness. i have a freind that lives near the airport and when it was up he was getting 19mb down

  • Avatar of BJ Erickson

    Sprint must be completely giving up on Wisconsin and leaving the market to USCC. I can’t see why anyone would even bother with Sprint in WI anymore. The 3G network is completely falling apart, and they have made little to no overtures at having 4G readily available any time soon.

    • Avatar of Zachary Jacob Zblewski

      La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Tomah have it. They are technically in the Minnesota market. The rest of the state is in the next round. I’ve heard June but I can’t confirm that. I’m patiently waiting here in the Fox Valley myself.

  • Avatar of chrislvb

    I live in Virginia Beach and work in Norfolk. We have had 4G in different areas since January. I’m looking forward to having it everywhere.

  • Avatar of Rev3rEND

    I actually learned that I have 4-5 LTE towers active in my hometown of Salem, Oregon. Shocking, considering I haven’t heard or seen anything about it.

    The guy their said that Sprint is suppose to make it “official” in June while Activating several more.

    I’m psyched, considering I pre-ordered an HTC One!

    • Avatar of Jason B.

      Same here… I actually am never in 3G anymore even when traveling from home in Spanish Harlem to work in the East Tremont section of the Bronx, and where I travel over the UES or West Bronx. So much coverage. I’m wondering when they’ll officially “launch” NYC because Sensorly is the only way I can see coverage at this point, not at

  • Avatar of Aaron C.

    YES! Finally Los Angeles area!

  • Avatar of Tom Gearman

    I’m in the Twin Cities, an “announced” location last year, and haven’t seen squat on my 4G LTE. Sensory makes it look like the build out is moving along, but I’m less than impressed. Sprint has charged me premium service costs while providing marginal data and voice service for years. 7 weeks left on contact and counting the days – like a bad marriage. Morale is: don’t get too excited.

  • By the time they get to Vegas my 2 year contract will be over and my EVO LTE will be outdated without ever using the LTE

  • Avatar of Melvin Painter

    I am not sure why I am still with Sprint. I guess it is the stable billing that I didn’t get from AT&T, but it sure isn’t the 3G, and we sure didn’t get the WiMax.

  • If you have Wimax in your area KEEP it don’t fall for the LTE hype until you have it.I did that and sorry for it. I have the EVO LTE great phone slow network here in Vegas and no LTE in sight.Yeah my contract will be up by the time we get it….It seems they do small cities and maybe one large one now and then,(surprised about LA and I thought DC was on the list long ago).Places that had bad to no service first it looks like.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Heh. My contract is up next month. I wonder if there will even be an inkling of Sprint’s LTE coming my way by then. I doubt it, but there’s always hope.

    There are small spots that have been slowly growing just over the state line, that I’ve noticed via Sensorly. I was hoping that meant they were going to trickle down into my state, but who knows. I’m going to probably sit on my off contract EVO 3D for a few months (honestly, it still runs like a champ and I’m not in dire need of a new phone) and see what the next Nexus is like. I’d kinda like a phone with a Snapdragon 800 in it.

  • That’s all nice for PR… But truth be told, I have been picking up LTE in Mankato (at home) for about 2 months. I must say, it IS fast, at about 38 down, and 10 up. Though I know it will slow down with more and more users.

  • I will be happy if they ever manage to deploy LTE outside of some major areas in MA. They were supposed to have this market done last Sept/Oct. It is almost as if the deployment has halted.

    I am seriously considering a move to T-Mobile/AT&T.

  • I too am about to drop Sprint. Been getting dropped calls and 3g is really slow. I have a year left on my contract, but might see what At&T will do for me.

  • Avatar of Stormprobe

    I feel like I’m in a Galaga / Galaxian game.

  • I can cofirm that LTE was lit up today in Harlingen, TX.

    Deep south texas in the Rio Grande Valley. Check out my G+ for proof.

  • Avatar of Jeffrey Perez

    I can confirm confirm that Harlingen,Tx has a Live Sprint LTE Connection around the Wilson rd / Palm Valley Area, Works like a champ had a peak of 17.00 mbps :)


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