Samsung will release a Nexus 11 tablet this year, possibly with expandable storage

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While the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet was never a number one bestseller, it was still an awesome device – and it’s arguably the best Android tablet currently on the market. So, in typical Samsung fashion, it seems like the most logical thing to do would be to make it even bigger in its next iteration.

Enter the Samsung Nexus 11, a new 11-inch Google Nexus tablet with a super PLS TFT screen, 8MP back camera, 2MP front-facing camera, an octa-core A15/A7 (Exynos 5410) processor, and – wait for it – a microSD slot compatible with cards up to 64GB. This is according to SamMobile, which has a fairly reliable track record with these sorts of leaks.

It’s worth noting that the “octa-core” name is a bit misleading, as the processor is actually two quad-core processors. The more powerful A15 processor will do all the heavy lifting, while the A7 will take over when idling or doing lighter tasks, thus saving battery life.

It’s also worth mentioning that SamMobile seems unsure about the expandable storage. While it seems fairly confident about the rest of the specs, the microSD slot is still called a “rumor,” and the entire device still has to be approved by Google. But still, things look promising – and it’s looking like I may have to make a difficult decision soon about whether or not I want to upgrade my Nexus 7 to something a little (or a lot) bigger.

On a side note, Samsung also looks to be working on a new Galaxy Tab 11 tablet, with almost identical specs to the Nexus 11, except for a dual-core A15 processor, and the inevitable inclusion of the TouchWiz user interface. There are also revised versions of the Galaxy Tab 7 (which includes a dual SIM) and the Galaxy Tab 8.

Would you buy a Nexus 11 tablet from Samsung? Is it possible that this could be released this year at Google I/O? How big is too big? Until this thing is announced for sure, the questions will keep coming.

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