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Team Unlimited ceases support for Windows versions of their S-OFF utility

The Panda is now limited to Linux and can't get Wine to work properly.Team Unlimited – the developers of LazyPanda, JuopunutBear, DirtyRacun, and BabyRacun S-OFF exploits – have announced that they have  ceased to develop for the Windows operating system due to unreliable drivers and the potential for bricking the devices they attempt to support.

While many users have had no issues with these tools running on Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit platforms, too many others on those platforms have managed to encounter serious problems. This means that, in the future, you’ll either need to create a 32-bit live CD to download and run the exploit, or  use another method that supports Windows such as Facepalm.

This news came over the weekend, and downloads of the Windows versions have been gone since around Friday, so if you’re thinking this might be an April Fool’s joke, it’s probably not.

For those who have been a bit on the fence due to not feeling comfortable in a Linux environment, I’ll try and expand on how easy it can be in the coming weeks (so keep reading). It’s significantly less complicated than it looks from the outside, and with the aid of a live CD, you don’t have to risk your operating system at all.

The Linux versions of Team Unlimited’s S-OFF software are generally rock solid and leave no doubt that the programs are doing what you want them to do. All the tools for recovering a bricked phone also generally require a Linux distro, so probably it’s best if you’re familiar with that from the get-go.

It’s kind of sad to see Windows support leaving, but it’s probably for the best considering the non-uniformity of Windows drivers from Vista through Windows 8. It’s still a shame that S-OFF is required for some things in the root world, even though HTC’s unlocked bootloader initiative from was supposed to have handled all rooting needs.

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3 thoughts on “Team Unlimited ceases support for Windows versions of their S-OFF utility

  • In a way, this is kind of sad news considering not everyone uses linux BUT I can understand the reason behind it.

    I’ve seen posts on XDA where people blame them for their own stupidity even though there are clear instructions saying what to use and how to use it.

    Keep up the good work Team Unlimited!

    • Yup, last time I was there there were a string of “it works on 64” and one “oh crap…”

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Wow. So LazyPanda is now SadPanda.

    Doing the stuff on Linux with a Live CD isn’t tough. I look forward to your article outlining it, Paul.


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