Feedly has “interesting” plans for Windows 8

Feedly on Surface - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWith the demise of Google Reader planned for later this year, more users are looking for cloud based alternatives that can feed their news aggregation needs. Feedly is a great solution that I have been personally using on my PC for the past few weeks. It was released in 2008 by entrepreneur and software developer Edwin Khodabakchian.

Feedly is currently up to its fourteenth stable release and runs within the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. The news aggregator also offers applications for mobile devices running iOS and Android; this leaves trouble for Windows RT and Internet Explorer users who wish to use the service. The web interface is not compatible with Microsoft’s web browser and the company doesn’t currently provide an application within the Windows Store.

As a heavy Windows 8 user, this concerns me. I use feedly to collect the latest press news from Microsoft and other companies. Today I decided to reach out to Edwin himself on Twitter, asking if any plans were in the works to ensure us “Microsofties” don’t get left behind. To my delight, not only did he respond, but his tweet was exciting. Edwin stated that “we are working on something really interesting in this area” and to “please stay tuned.”


Microsoft’s Windows Store is nowhere near full, and adding more applications can only help the giant’s latest PC operating system. In addition, the Windows Store contains no large name news aggregators, and the addition of feedly to the collection would definitely draw attention to this great service.

When the Google Reader service shut down notice was posted, feedly noted that within 48 hours they had accumulated half a million new users. On April 2, they announced that the total number of users was up to 3 million.

Make sure to give feedly a look, along with seven other recommendations that our Editor-In-Chief, John Freml, has suggested. If you get hooked on the feedly service just as I have, then also read his guide to easily switch over from Google Reader.


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