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How to use Google Now from AutoVoice using AutoShare and Tasker

AutoVoice has gotten a lot of attention lately, as it should. More and more people are looking into creating their voice assistant after seeing what other people are doing with it, and that means that Google Now suddenly has a sibling on many people’s phone. It can be troublesome to have two separate services that you need to trigger, but luckily it’s very simple to merge the two.

The video really explains it better this time, but here’s a quick written version:

Download AutoShare, a Tasker plugin from the same developer as AutoVoice, joaomgcd. When installed, go to Google Play, go into any app, and hit the Share button. Select AutoShare Intercept, then the Google option in the next window. This will let AutoShare capture the data needed to send info to Google’s voice search, aka Google Now.

Next up, create your AutoVoice profile, using whatever keyword you want to search in Google Now. “Google” is the obvious choice. For the attached task, select AutoShare in the Plugin category. In the configuration menu, use the option Use Last Intercept. Scroll down to the Text field, delete what’s there, and enter %avcommnofilter. Save out.

That’s it. Now, whenever you use the keyword “Google,” it will put the rest of the command (i.e. it will drop the word Google) into Google Now.

Obviously, this can also be used for integrating Google Now with other Tasker creations. All you’d have to do is use something else besides %avcommnofilter in the Text field, and use the action in something besides and AutoVoice profile. An example would be to set up an AutoRemote profile so you can search for something in Google Now using an AutoRemote command from somewhere else, like the Chrome plug-in.

Update: Several people have pointed out that this won’t respond to you with voice. That’s correct, and it’s not the only thing that’s different from using Google Now directly. That’s because this is technically a text search that you’ve filled in with voice data, rather than a voice search. To get voice feedback, you need to use AutoVoice to open Google Now and activate voice input, meaning you need to split your command in two.

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