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HTC doubles production of the HTC One under increased demand

htc-logo-smallYesterday HTC announced that it is increasing production of the HTC One, as demand for the flagship phone continues to rise month over month. Manufacturing volume will double in May, and increase once more in June, too. HTC North Asia President Jack Tong stated, “We are optimistic about our high-end sales during April and June.”

This news comes just several weeks after we asked whether HTC’s most recent financial are finally starting to turn the company around. As we know, the HTC One had a rocky launch due to supply shortages, and there were even rumors that HTC’s suppliers weren’t taking the company seriously anymore. Obviously, this seems to be changing.

HTC’s still not even in the same ballpark as its largest Android competitor Samsung, but the HTC One has generally gotten very good reviews from critics and consumers alike, with many giving the HTC One a slight edge over Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S4.

Of course, only time will tell if HTC is really headed toward a full recovery, or if this is all just a bunch of false hope. Personally, I’m rooting for HTC to keep it up, but we will see.

[Focus Taiwan via ZDNet]
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8 thoughts on “HTC doubles production of the HTC One under increased demand

  • That’s great I love my phone!

  • I have not seen a review from any Android site that picked Samsung’s S4 over the HTC One. Btw there are many. They mainly site the quality build from HTC over the gimmicky software overlays of the S4. I personally tell friends to do their homework and to disregard the ad dollars spent by both companies. HTC hit a grand slam when they needed to so badly.

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    I’m keeping my Evo, especially if they’re going to update it. Although I’m kinda used to sense as it is.

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    I finally got to handle an HTC One and SGS4 today. The HTC One is far and beyond superior in build quality and just general pleasing feel in the hand.

    The SGS4 was nice in its own way, but it just felt inferior with the tons of plastic. Android felt snappier on the HTC One as well. I only had a small amount of time with both handsets, and they’re both nice. I’d probably choose the HTC One if I had to make a decision RIGHT NOW, but I think I’ll bide my time on a new phone.

  • I just had to switch to us cellular because sprint doesn’t work where I moved. Motorola Electrify m buy one for 99 get one free. Jellybean and 1.5 dial core plus I actually can use 4g LTE now! Nice handset, been an avid HTC user since the hero….so long sprint and HTC.

  • Battery life is incredible on a slightly smaller screen. Heavy use on the Evo 2-3 hours. On the electrify… 1+ days. Stayed on 1% for an hour with moderate use. Wonder if us cell gets completely bought out here on the east coast?

    • HTC really needs to figure out how batteries work, I love the HTC One, but Motorola is.. like.. ZEN with battery life.

      My nephew was over and he has a RAZR HD, not the MAXX mind you, just the regular HD. We were both playing NOVA 3 against either other for about an hour and when we were done, I had lost 25-30% battery and he had lost MAYBE 15%… maybe.

      I was like “DUDE!, not fair!!”


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