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HTC extends $100 offer yet again to new HTC One – this time no preregistration required

New HTC One promo - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

HTC is now offering anyone who buys the HTC One between now and May 5 a minimum of $100 towards their new smartphone, this time with no pre-registration required. Technically, this could be considered the third extension of an offer that’s already been extended twice, but what makes this one different is that it’s open to everyone – so if you missed that first round of registrations, you’re good, but only if you act now.

Here’s how this specific promotion works:

  1. Buy a New HTC One before May 5.
  2. Visit and enter the promotion code HTC100.
  3. Follow the on-screen instruction to print a shipping label and provide proof of purchase, and mail it all in before June 15, 2013. You’ll get your $100 Visa gift card in the mail.

For those keeping track at home, those who pre-registered now have until May 19 to get in on this, and those who didn’t have until Sunday.

[HTC] Thanks, William!

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12 thoughts on “HTC extends $100 offer yet again to new HTC One – this time no preregistration required

  • Hmm… this is less a nod to loyalists and more a “Dear God, people, please buy our phone.”

    For what it’s worth, I’m loving my One.

  • htc one or g4?????decisions desitions…

  • this offer is different! it lists specific phones!!! the previous offer said send any old phone to us and get $100.

    • From what I’m seeing the list is still pretty expansive. You seem to just be looking at the list in the screenshot, which is a fraction of the ones they will accept.

  • Avatar of Eric Bonney

    Wow only $100 for a less than 1yr old Evo Lte, that’s seems pretty sad to me. Guess they want to try and get as much of their competition to switch over as possible, which I can understand. Just a bit sad they only offer $100 for one of their own phones that is less than a year out.

  • I would consider upgrading if they threw some cash at me for my Evo 4G LTE.

    • Opps…I didn’t look far enough down on the list. Just $100? Really??? An iphone 4S is worth more than the Evo 4G LTE? Even an SG3 is worth more…wish I had know that when the LTE and SG3 came out last summer. HTC doesn’t think very highly of it’s former flagship phone.

  • Wish I could get one. Not eligible for an upgrade until Feb. F***ing Sprint. Guess I’m forced to stick with my bug filled LTE.

  • got one yesterday at bestbuy they match the price on newegg for 129.00.i had preregister for the 50 dollars after tax came to 135 once i get my 100 from htc then my total would be 35
    then ill sell my s3 and buy a s4 nothing wrong with that

  • I’ll get the best of both worlds

  • I know I only got a 100 bucks for my LTE Evo and I know I could’ve put it on ebay with all my accessories for more but was in the store making a deal and just said here take it. !st time since the OG EVO that I have bought a phone. Usually from selling my old phone and accessories my new phone EVO 3D and the EVO LTE were both free to me and I came out a little ahead to buy a case. But this is the best phone yet.


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