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The iKlip Studio is an adjustable desktop stand for the iPad mini and other 7-inch tablets. According to the manufacturer, IK Multimedia, the stand is lightweight and shock resistant, and its “solid design” allows for “energetic tapping.” Admittedly, I do like the fact that it has an adjustable viewing angle and the ability to fold completely flat for greater portability.

But is it really worth the MSRP of $30?

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Put simply, no.

Since I don’t have the iPad mini, I’m actually using this with the ASUS Nexus 7. The stand is composed of three pieces of plastic that, while very thick and durable, are still just cheap pieces of plastic that, over time, might wear out and start cracking. Similar to the iRig MIC Cast I reviewed yesterday, from the same manufacturer, I just get the feeling that this stand cost a few pennies to make, which makes the $30 asking price really hard for me to swallow – especially considering the fact that, for the same price, I can get the official Nexus 7 dock, which comes with an audio jack and microUSB charging capabilities. All the iKlip Studio does is hold me Nexus in place at a few different angles.

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Additionally, the tablet stand supposedly comes with no-slip rubber feet, but these were mysteriously missing on the review unit I received. To me, this indicates poor quality control.

Admittedly, this does have a few advantages over the official Nexus 7 dock. For example, you can use the tablet in portrait or landscape mode when using this stand. Additionally, there are a total of six different viewing angles, offering you a great deal of flexibility when using your tablet with this thing.

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But does that make this worth $30? I don’t think so.

It’s not necessarily a bad product; it’s just overpriced. If you find this on sale somewhere for a few bucks, by all means go ahead and jump on it. But at this price, I hate to say it, but I don’t recommend spending your money on this. I appreciate that IK Multimedia sent this my way for free, and I do plan on keeping it and using it with my own tablet, but it’s just not something I’d pay $30 for.

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Features, as listed on IK Multimedia’s site:

  • Available for iPad and iPad mini
  • Works with most 10″ and 7″ tablets and readers
  • Sturdy, durable, lightweight, shock-resistant thermoplastic construction holds your iPad securely without scratching or marring it
  • Rubber foot-pads grip the desktop and prevent unwanted sliding
  • Flexible orientation allows iKlip Studio to tilt from a very low-profile angle to near-vertical positioning
  • The device can be quickly rotated between its horizontal and vertical position
  • Perfect for the studio, office, travel, home and school use
  • iKlip Studio for iPad works with other 10″ tablets
  • iKlip Studio for iPad mini works with other 7” tablets (Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, Nook, etc.)
  • All controls, buttons, connectors and camera of the iOS device are accessible
  • Fast installation — can be mounted in seconds
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • The support tray fits most tablet cases
  • iKlip Studio for iPad includes detachable iRig bracket for the AmpliTube range of apps or any other guitar effects app
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

The iKlip Studio tablet stand for the iPad mini and other 7-inch tablets is available for $29.99 from IK Multimedia.

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