Interview with Didier Hilhorst of Flipboard [Video]

FlipboardLogo - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereToday, I sat down with Didier Hilhorst, a designer at Flipboard, to talk about the future of the application.

Flipboard is a social magazine in which a number of sources are taken from both social media and news, to be combined in a clean layout that a user can flip through and enjoy reading. Flipboard is currently available for both Android and iOS, although Apple’s iOS platform was the first to receive the Flipboard 2.0 update with custom created user magazines.

When you first open Flipboard, you are presented with various beautiful covers that transition; you can then flip to the main list of contents to pick various categories or social networks to read. In addition to reading stories individually, you can choose to read just “Cover Stories,” which are selected by Flipboard as the best content from all the current sources you subscribe to.

At this time, Flipboard can connect to more than a dozen services. According to Hilhorst, “One of my favorites is SoundCloud. I love putting together my own playlist and listening to music while reading Flipboard.”

With the release of Flipboard 2.0, users can create their own magazines free of charge, and so far over a million magazines have been created. The developers at Flipboard plan to focus on personal magazines and Hilhorst wants to “make it even better.”

What’s great is that you can just start flipping, everything looks beautiful. Look at the current state of reading content on the web, you get a giant navigation bar and advertisements on the side.  We wanted to look at how we can make the reading experience really enjoyable. We were inspired by the beauty of magazines and frustration from reading current content on the web.

Each page within your personal Flipboard is created based on the type of content. Various aspects are examined, including the size of images and the amount of text. You can then decide on a layout for each page that will give the most beautiful reading experience.

Flipboard is your own personal reading experience, and the first step into the “Magazine 2.0” experience. Android users aren’t be far behind in the new update from Flipboard, though. Hilhorst stated, “An Android release of Flipboard 2.0 is coming soon, but first more testing on more devices to make sure the app is top notch.”

Check out my full interview with Didier Hilhorst below, and scan the QR Codes to download Flipboard to your iOS or Android device today.

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