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Is the HTC One finally turning HTC around?

htc logo small1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereIt’s no secret that HTC has been in a tough bind lately. No matter what the company seems to do, profits keep on declining, making shareholders and HTC execs alike quite nervous. However, if the most recent numbers from this Taiwanese manufacturer are any indication, things might be starting to turn around.

Last month, HTC brought in around $660 million, which makes April its best month so far in 2013. That’s also quite a bit higher than its March revenues of about $540 million. Still, it’s only about half of what it brought in the same month last year (about $1.2 billion).

Of course, it’s too early to tell whether or not HTC is finally digging itself out of the hole it’s currently in, but these numbers do look promising. HTC is still pushing itself towards total revenues of $2.73 billion for Q2 2013, so April will certainly help in this regard. Maybe, just maybe, the HTC One holds the keys to HTC’s future success, after all.

[HTC via Android Central]
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11 thoughts on “Is the HTC One finally turning HTC around?

  • Does this thing have actual multi tasking? I can’t live with another phone where the apps shut down 5 seconds after I switch between them.

  • the only app that actually shuts down for me is real racing 3. But i think that a part of the app its self, when it starts back up it resumes where you left off you just have to wait a few seconds for start up.

  • Got the HTC ONE last thursday and loving it so far. Front facing speakers are great, don’t have to untangle earbuds to watch videos I install. Hate to say I’m liking the ONE better than the EVO 4G LTE since Navigation works on the ONE. Hope this turns HTC around.

  • Got the ONE on Saturday. I’m really liking it! The ONE is blazing fast even on my crappy 3g signal from Sprint. I came from a evo 4g lte.

  • Got the One on Friday and i have to say the One is a really sexy beast I’m loving it. I’m going to get the s4 because of the bigger screen and its only because of the screen(got big hands and the bigger the screen the better for me)I was thinking of selling the One after i get the s4 but im not sure if i will be able to let the one go…but i have to say the One is a bad ass phone

    • Avatar of Samy Farrow

      …How much are you gonna be selling it for? haha

  • Avatar of Aaron Orquia

    I have to say, as an HTC deserter after the original EVO, the One is the first HTC smartphone to make me seriously consider switching back. Now, if only HTC would make a Nexus device again…

  • Avatar of steve gaudreau

    HTC better turn around alright . Turn around and make an Evo out of the One ,kickstand and microsd added to it and I’ll buy it other than that I’m waiting to see what comes from other players . LG is kinda looking good. not impressed with the S4 yet.

  • Not impressed with the S4, what the heck are you looking for?

  • Avatar of Cody Millard

    gladly just dropped HTC they’re slow on updates and are just an all around horrible manufacturer, was a very HTC only kinda guy from the beginning because they had the only android at sprint, the htc hero, went to the Evo 4G after, then the 3D, then the Evo 4G LTE every one after the original was horrible, I opted for the 4G LTE because i thought that was going to be their saving grace…WRONG…I went through 8….I’ll say that again 8! Evo 4G LTE’s because they can not build one that works the way it should, had hardware and software issues constantly! I will never be an HTC consumer again…Samsung stole me away the S4 is simply amazing does everything I ever wanted an HTC to do with ease and with no bugs I have noticed…there may be a bug somewhere but its not like the MAJOR bugs that HTC experiences thats makes the phone a horrible experience I would advise anyone in the market for a new smartphone with top notch performance to NEVER choose HTC in the beginning it may seem great but through continued use you realize it the worst commitment you have ever agreed to…

  • I thought I was done with HTC after the LTE, but they sucked me back in with the One. I have to say I am not disappoint one bit. HTC finially got it right.


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