The Motorola X Phone is official, called the Moto X, and coming this summer


The rumored Motorola X Phone is a story that we have been following for quite some time. Many thought that the “ultimate Android phone” born out of the duo of Motorola and Google would be released or at least talked about at Google I/O this year, but sadly that didn’t happen. Earlier this month, the X Phone was delayed and some thought it had been killed off. Today, Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside cleared up in an interview much of the doubt, and along with a follow up press release, revealed that a Motorola device called the Moto X will be the company’s flagship smartphone, and should be coming late this summer.

Sadly though, he didn’t tell us much about the features of the device.  Woodside noted that the Moto X would have an OLED display and be made in the US, but he didn’t detail any of the specifications or special features that the device will include. At most, we have vague references to the device’s capabilities, like mentions that “we know when it’s in your pocket, we know when it’s in your hand, it’s going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras.” What this sounds like to me is the idea of Google Now personified in a smartphone, with features that will allow it to provide whatever you want before you ask for it.

In addition, he also noted that the Moto X was designed with a focus on durability and battery life, both of which are strong points for Motorola and features we were expecting out of the Moto X. Apparently, Motorola has also been talking to a number of carriers, and so far the “response has been great,” which hopefully means that the Moto X will be available on most if not all of the US carriers.

While Woodside supposedly had a Moto X on stage and Sundar Pichai has already seen the device, the Motorola CEO wasn’t able to reveal the device onstage. Still, we can rest assured that the device is set to ship by the end of this summer. Even though it will be difficult to get rid of my Nexus 4 after only having it a few months, I’m quite excited to see what “wow” factor features the Moto X offers.

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