Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover case review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover case is a replacement back battery cover and flip-open screen cover manufactured by Samsung for use on its new flagship phone. Since the back of the case doubles as a battery cover, Samsung avoided adding much bulk; the bulk that is added by the cover is only the width of the front cover and the side spine, which I don’t have specs on and can’t accurately measure with a tape measure.

The back plate has a carbon-fiber look, while the front flip-cover kind of looks like polished blue steel on the outside. There is a pressed / hardened felt texture on the inside that will press up against the screen, and the back plate looks almost exactly like the stock back plate for the S4, with the only difference being the side, which has a spine connecting to the front.

There are, of course, all the requisite cutouts for the Galaxy S4, although you will need to flip the case wide open to access the volume control, and I’m not sure how annoying that actually is in use.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover case packaging
Packaging is a bit generic for an official flagship product

The rear of the case picks up fingerprints like Scotch Tape, and I don’t think I’ve ever owned a case that showed fingerprints to the level that this case does. The front also seems designed to snag lint, bread crumbs, and anything else that will break the illusion that you care that you’re carrying a wicked cool sleek device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip cover front Samsung Galaxy Flip Cover Back Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip cover back Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip cover open

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover case wrap up

Overall I’m not a fan of the backing, it doesn’t breathe, and it shows fingerprints like it was designed just to do that. The front of the case will have to be lint brushed quite frequently, and the protection this case offers is more aesthetic than anything else, as there is no corner protection to speak of. Unfortunately, mine quickly looked like a child had been palming it while eating a greasy slice of pizza very quickly.

However, it still looks neat, if you’re into that sort of thing and you keep it clean, but really won’t do much to protect the phone in the event of a drop.  The closed cover also won’t particularly protect the screen from other objects in pockets as they tend to bypass screen protection measures.

The case also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of six months against design and quality defects, so if it falls apart on you, you’ve got somewhere to turn to get it replaced, which is pretty nice.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the case, I also don’t hate it. For an OEM accessory, it gets the job done nicely.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover case is available for £19.99, or about $30 from GearZap, with roughly$6 shipping to the United States. You can also check out GearZap’s large selection of other Samsumg Galaxy S4 hard cases, too!

Samsung S4 case

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