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The HTC One on Sprint can be had for as little as $79.99 from Amazon

HTC One from AmazonThere’s good news if you’re looking to get the HTC One on Sprint’s mobile network. It’s now available from Amazon for as little as $79.99 for new subscribers, or $99.99 for customers renewing their contracts or adding a line.

If you’re not into contracts, Amazon is selling the contract-free version of the phone for $549.99.

The HTC One is the newest flagship phone from HTC and features a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, a 4.7-inch 1080×1920 touchscreen display, a front 2.1MP camera with 1080p video, wireless-N WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC. It’s also got 32GB of built in storage and 2GB of RAM, and the Ultrapixel optics claim to capture better photos than a 13MP camera, due to better CMOS sensors.

The upside is it’s extremely affordable at the current time. The downside is that Sprint’s LTE network is still not there for everyone, so you may feel like you’re driving a Porsche in a school zone any time you attempt to do any of the awesome things you’re wanting to do with this phone.

I’ve certainly felt that way for the past two years with the HTC EVO line – great vehicles in a school zone.

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7 thoughts on “The HTC One on Sprint can be had for as little as $79.99 from Amazon

  • Avatar of Samy Farrow

    I played with the HTC One in the store, I’ll stick to my LTEvo running sense 5. I didn’t like the power button on the left side, and the lack of a dedicated camera button.

    • I can’t agree with you more. I want to stick with my EVO LTE with sense 5 too over the HTC One. The One is an awesome phone by all accounts, but my Evo is really awesome. I could never give up how it is, or the micro-sdcard, or the kickstand on the back. The lack of the camera button is really bad and I do like the volume control on the right side. On top of the five listed ideas, it also only has two physical buttons. Plus, it hasn’t been configured to allow one of the buttons to be a menu button.

      On the Evo, the multitasking button can be turned into the menu button. Yet, there isn’t even that button on the One.

      I hope that Sense 5 makes the Evo into an amazing phone again. I wish that they would continue the Evo brand next year, but that might be asking too much. If they do, I have a feeling that they will base it more off of the One than the Evo. Long live Evo. Long live.

  • I went back with my OG 4g Wimax ,my other lte devices are back in the box with no regrets the droped calls , bad spectrum performance and half baked os has killed my respect for what Sprint wants to charge us on a monthly base for this over cooked lie I hope , people that can read this review lissens up and atleast thinks about what he or she is doing befor they re up for another 2 yrs ,sprint is looking to rob you blind and its only gotten worser and worser , so to sprint were is the quality at because you board members and heads at sprint have made so many bad mistakes why are we.being feed modified beef and genetically altered corn , can u not put something real together for the fan boys …

    • Pretty sure we have been long past looking at Sprint with admiration, although I don’t think they had anything to do with the genetically modified beef ;)

  • Avatar of Simon Belmont

    Heh. I mentioned this on a comment a few days back before this article. I should have tipped it. Oh well.

    My wife grabbed an HTC One with this deal. But we’ve decided we’re done with Sprint, so back it went. She loves the HTC One though. She’ll be getting another one on our next carrier.

    • Y’all should take a look at Really great service and People.. Pay for what you use , no overages, no extra charges. I’ve been with them for almost a year now and, I’ve never received a bill more than $20 . Check it out . . Fuck Sprint . .

  • Forget to let y’all know that on, there is no contract, come and go as you please. You can also use you old sprint phones and numbers. It’s called BYOSD (Bring Your Own Sprint Device).. If you do decide to sign up.. You can use this referral link :: ;;; it guarantees you a $25 discount.


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