The Nexus Q is now on life support, isn’t supported by Google Music All Access


Google I/O didn’t bring along too many new products, whether devices or software. One service that did get a decent update, though, was Google Play Music, which added new All Access streaming, as well as a completely new interface to the Android app. However, a few users have noticed that the update actually removed one noteworthy feature: Nexus Q support. This shouldn’t be unexpected, as there were hints that the Nexus Q was dying off early this year, but as someone who was holding out hope for a new Nexus Q, this isn’t good news.

Previously, one of the most useful features of the Nexus Q was the ability to play music through the Q from Google Music’s Android app. Now, Q fans not only are left with the disappointment of not getting a new Nexus Q from Google I/O, but also the increasing fear that Google’s streaming orb is dead. While nearly all Nexus Q users did get their device for free either from Google I/O last year or ordering before Google cancelled the Q, there are a small number who did pay for the streaming device on sites such as eBay. I was almost one of them, and at this point I’m quite happy that I didn’t elect to purchase a current Nexus Q, as I would be left with a good looking brick at this point

An official Google forum spokesperson said that the Nexus Q is currently incompatible with the new version of Google Play Music, and went on to justify the decision by noting that most Nexus Q users got the device for free. Still, he avoided making it totally clear that the Nexus Q wouldn’t be supported any longer, so perhaps there is some hope. In addition, Google’s support pages were updated to note that “All Access … is not compatible with the Nexus Q.” While again inconclusive, this seems to be trying to avoid saying that the Nexus Q is dead or alive, which leaves at least some slim hope that it could still live on.

Still, the current predicament is probably quite frustrating for Q owners. Even though I don’t have a Nexus Q, I’m still hoping that an update will restore some functionality to the original device, and that Google will eventually continue the line with new hardware.

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One thought on “The Nexus Q is now on life support, isn’t supported by Google Music All Access

  • Why not just send out an OTA and turn the Nexus Q into a Google TV box? I never really understood the point of the Nexus Q when they could have just added those additional features to Google TV and had a much more complete – and useful – product.


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