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Unofficial Slim Bean released for the original HTC EVO 4G

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Slim Bean is a product of Slim ROMs, and an unofficial port by Wambo_Bomb has made it to the HTC EVO 4G. It is based on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and features SlimPIE (like the PIE launch control in DU), music playback control tile, enhanced auto-brightness UI, the Slim File Manager, A2SD or no A2SD, and a tweaked Slim Bean experience.

The current development logs show that this is being worked on, and are updates released in a fairly timely fashion. So if you’re looking for a ROM with a lot of work going into it on the EVO 4G, here you go.

Drawbacks of this ROM

The drawbacks to this ROM are no camcorder at the moment, and no front facing camera. It seems limited to what the base Evervolv ROM has reached, which means we may not ever see this go beyond that in terms of device compatibility.

Then again, the EVO 4G is nearly three years old, and support was abandoned for it two operating systems ago, so the fact that it’s got Jelly Bean looking nice at all is still impressive as hell.


  • Make a nandroid backup
  • Grab the Slim Bean GApps and unofficial ROM from the link below
  • Wipe system, data, cache
  • Flash ROM, GApps
  • Walk away for 15 minutes
  • Enjoy


It’s a really neat looking ROM, seems to run great for those who’re using it as their everyday driver (I’m not, since I don’t use my EVO 4G daily any more), and it seems to have a person who’s enjoying updating the thing so he can make it better. If you’re looking for a 4.2 ROM to play with, this looks quite fun.

Go ahead and install it, and if you like it drop in the developer thread and thank him for helping keep the OG EVO 4G alive and kicking so long after it’s been discontinued.

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10 thoughts on “Unofficial Slim Bean released for the original HTC EVO 4G

  • I am looking for a small JB rom to flash on my OG Evo to essentially make it a dedicated media device. How do you think SlimBean would fit that roll?

    • It would work, but there are ones out there that are devoted to being media devices.

      I wrote a piece on deactivated evos a while back, I’ll see if I can’t locate the ROM I wrote about. Sound was incredible on it and they were going to release a new one.

      • I remember that article… that’s why I thought to ask you for your opinion ;)

        I think I have it started in my google reader… now I just have to find it before July 1.

  • i guess no wimax support? or is there?

  • Same guy compiled CM10.1 for the OG and it runs better than Slim Bean. Same bugs, but what is to be expected of such an old phone?

    • I saw that… that would probably be a fair option for what I am planning to do with it.

  • [TSP] on a whole has been pumping out some really good JB Roms for the Evo 4g. In addition to Slim Bean and Unofficial CM10.1, there is also Unofficial AOSPA and Unofficial AOKP.

    I’ve been running AOKP for about a week straight (really long for me) and it has run fairly flawlessly.

    I would be posting in all the XDA threads my appreciation to help me get through my last couple of months with my OG, but XDA has no love for lurkers and I have not yet met the 10 post minimum . . .

  • Avatar of Jordan Woolery

    Just wondering, what programs did you use to flash the ROM to the phone?

    • It’s been so long I don’t know any more… probably was running an Amon Ra style recovery at that time


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