What Tasker topics would you like to see covered?


Of the 120 or so Tasker posts on the site (the most important of which are available here), the vast majority of them are written based on my own experiences with Tasker. I don’t sit down and create new Tasker creations 24/7, however, which means that sometimes my list of things to write about gets shorter than I’d like. As such, I’d like everyone’s input on what topics you want to see covered on the site.

You can suggest anything you like within the realm of Tasker here, but I can’t guarantee that I will cover everything that’s suggested. I’m much more likely to cover something that talks about a topic in general rather than something that asks for specific directions to do something, for reasons I’ve mentioned before, but I’m not ruling anything out. Requests for anything that’s of intermediate or above level is also more likely to be accepted than something that asks for profiles so simple that anyone who’s read the Beginner’s Guide should be able to create it themselves.

Also, I can only write about topics I know. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know everything about Tasker, and there are areas of it I’ve never touched. Things like SL4A are for example out of my comfort zone by a few parsecs. I also can’t cover anything that requires hardware I don’t have, such as NFC, or services or apps that I don’t use and would have to pay to look into (like Spotify).

Still, feel free to suggest anything, and I’ll consider every suggestion. Here are some that I’ve been thinking of myself and would also love to know your thoughts on:

  • Refreshing more parts of the Beginner’s Guide to deal with the new UI
  • Starting a new video guide to Tasker that takes on the topics of the Beginner’s Guide in video form
  • Refreshing some of the all time most popular Tasker articles to make sure they’re up to date and easier to use

Also, I want to thank everyone who has helped make Tasker such a big part of the site by reading posts, commenting, and asking questions. The support is much appreciated!

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