White Nexus 4 spotted again, scheduled for June 10 release with Android 4.3


We don’t usually put too much stock in rumors and hearsay, but when certain devices continue to leak and show up different places, it becomes at least a little more likely that they are real. For example, the white Nexus 4 first showed up early this year, but then didn’t make an appearance at Google I/O yesterday. A few new shots leaked before the conference, but they were dismissed when Google didn’t announce the device. Now, a new leak has once again renewed the possibility of a white Nexus 4, as well as brought news of Android 4.3.

Coming from Android and Me, the white Nexus 4 was supposedly obtained at Google I/O, and appears to be an exact copy of the current Nexus 4, only in white. Obviously, the device does exist, and it even looks like a current “updated” Nexus 4 model, as you can make out what look like bumper tabs at the bottom of the device. This still doesn’t mean that the phone is being produced for consumers, but it does show that a new batch of white Nexus 4’s has likely rolled off of the production line.

The lighter colored Nexus 4 is said to be slated for an appearance on the Google Play store June 10, along with Android 4.3, but little fanfare from Google’s side. The apparent reason for the non I/O release is that Google wanted to show off their ability to update APIs and add new services to Android without an entirely new version, and presumably also wanted to release Android 4.3 with a “new” device. As a result, the white Nexus 4 was not announced at Google I/O, and instead was saved for a quieter reveal early next month.

Although I’m not likely to be upgrading to a new Nexus 4 just for the color change, I know quite a few people who prefer to buy white smartphones. However, I’m more interested in Android 4.3, which, while a minor update, will hopefully bring along at least a few of the features that we have been waiting for. With the new white Nexus 4 becoming more likely, I’m beginning to think that Android 4.3 may really have been pushed back to June 10, even though the decision seems a bit odd to me.

[Android and Me]
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